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Wind Compass v1.0.68 (Premium) APK

Have you ever needed to know what the current wind speed and direction is where you are?
Want to know how windy it is outside without having to run there and throw grass in the air?
Want to know when the sun comes up and what time to go out for the perfect sunset?

Now you can with the Wind Compass!

Wind Compass gets your current location and then updates the current weather conditions based on that location. No fuss, no setup, just quick weather readings.

Features of Wind Compass ::

* Select the wind speed reading by switching between Miles / hour or Kilometers / hour or Knots or Beaufort wind force or Meters per second
* Select the magnetic declination of the compass in true north or magnetic north
– Select the temperature measurement of Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Select the direction of the wind indicator arrow between Blowing towards or coming from

Features of weather forecast:

– Current temperature as well as the maximum and minimum values ​​estimated for that day
– Sunrise / sunset times as well as the “first light” and “last light” times for that day (also known as the start and end of nautical twilight)
– 24 hour forecast and 7 day forecast showing: time, estimated temperature, estimated wind speed and direction and percentage of precipitation

Custom background settings

You can also change the appearance of the app by selecting from the many different background types including standard colored backgrounds, as well as backgrounds like a map showing your current location, an overlay showing what your rear camera sees and even a color gradient that automatically adjusts from hot to cold depending on the temperature of where you are!

Wind Compass uses Forecast.io weather data to provide accurate conditions where you are. Just open the app, let it update, and go. Forecast.io uses many sources and creates forecasts that are as accurate as possible for your location.

As an added bonus, Wind Compass shows you which direction north is, so whether you’re indoors or turning around, you can always know which direction north is, as well as the current wind direction.

If you have any issues with Wind Compass, please send an email to contact@maplemedia.io to quickly resolve the issue. You can also submit a feature request or bug report directly from the settings menu.

NOTE * Compass functionality in the app requires built-in physical compass functionality.

NOTE * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Wind icon designed by Jojo Franklin from J. Franklin Design (http://jfranklin.design).

Forecast information provided by Dark Sky https://darksky.net/poweredby/

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