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Working Hours 4b v8.1.1 (Premium) APK

Are you tired of always writing on a piece of paper and dealing with a calculator at the end of the month?

Let Working Hours 4b help you!

Working Hours 4b Through a simple and intuitive interface, you can enter your working hours, which may include:
– normal working hours
– Extras: early entry and overtime
– Suspension (paid or unpaid)
– bonus
– cost
– an icon and a comment

You can calculate your return:
– monthly
– weekly
– Every two weeks – Every two weeks (14 or 15 days)
– yearly
– custom interval

Using the calendar inside, you can enter edits and view work intervals each month by viewing details divided by hours and earnings:
– normal working hours
– Extras: early entry and overtime
– Pause suspension
– Free suspension
– all
– Holiday
– Precautions

Paid/Unpaid Metrics: With Paid/Unpaid Metrics, you can track paid or unpaid hours worked. Never forget any payment again!

Working intervals can cover up to 48 hours, which enables you to insert the time of day or night.

You can insert holidays and sick days into the calendar and calculate them at any time.

Export your data in any format you want and send directly using any app you want!
Supported formats are:
– text

Do you have multiple ranges that are essentially the same on different days of the week, but may vary slightly?
no problem! With this application you can insert multiple templates and add them to be your preferred dates!

Do you have multiple jobs or clients?
Multiple Jobs: Add as many jobs as you want with different colors and notes, and separate events into calendars at a glance!

Statistical data:
You can view your earnings or your yearly hours (by month) and each month (by day) through a graph. Event components can be configured at will!

Never forget to add working hours!
You can choose the time and select the day of the week. The app will notify you every time!

Floating Badge:
Can’t you remember what time you went to work? Using a floating badge in your home, you can mark when it’s time to go into Overtime Suspension and insert breaks when the time period you worked ends.

data synchronization:
One account can synchronize multiple devices in real time! You don’t like the account? Log in anonymously!

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