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Xposed edge pro v8.0.1 (Paid) APK

Paid purchases are not recommended:

This is a module of Xposed. Request the installation of the Xposed framework.
Since Android 9.0, the compatibility has gotten worse and worse, and it might not work in the future. This module provides you with gesture control, key control and other smart triggers. to trigger the actions you want.

♠ On-board gestures.
♦ Keys.
♠ Pie.
♦ Shortcuts panel.
♠ Lateral bar.
♦ Program (alarm).
♠ Application state.
♦ More (startup completed, screen on / off, wifi connected / disconnected …) …


– Default, as default system. None, do nothing.
– Navigate: back, home, recent applications …
– Controls: sleep / wake up, display of the power menu, shutdown, restart, development of the notification panel …
– Rotation control.
– Multimedia controls: play / pause, next, previous, stop …
– Fast scroll: scroll up / down.
– Edit: copy, paste …

– Universal copy, one tap copy text anywhere.
– Settings: automatic brightness, rotation, wifi, mobile data …
– Start app / shortcut / activity, end activity, previous app / next app, kill app …
– Freezer: freeze / thraw application.
– Input gesture, key event, text …
– Shortcut panel, application drawer, freezer drawer, sidebar …
– Floating widget.
– Pie.

– Drag adjust: drag on the edge to adjust brightness, screen filter, volume …
– Gesture pointer, extend your finger.
– Pen: draw at the top of the screen.
– Notification, speech, toast.
– Screen filter, torch.
– Shell command.
– Conditional: if screen on, keyguard activated, wifi connected / disconnected, battery level, period, wifi connected, focused application …
– Multi action, multi-action recorded.


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