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Action Strike: Heroes PvP FPS v0.9.39 (Mod Apk)

Action Strike is a 3D online first person shooter game for mobile devices. Quick reflexes and TACTICAL skills are required to become a successful player in this dynamic game. Control your character in first person view and destroy enemies with the help of your allies!

Are you ready to try your hand at a mobile FPS where victory depends on a player’s skills?


– Compete against thousands of players by participating in SHORT AND DYNAMIC 1v1 PvP matches in real time!
– Control your character in first person; the shooting will be AUTOMATIC!
– A stable multiplayer game ONLINE: fascinating shootouts even with a slow connection!


– Veterans and novices will be able to master the game in a few minutes; previous FPS experience is irrelevant.
– You can use auto shooting mode or turn it off, adjust the controls as you like!


– Epic arsenal of over 50 MODERN weapon units. Take up your weapons!
– You have access to new types of weapons that will lead your team to victory.
– Use the entire arsenal: pistols, knives, grenades, assault rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, etc.
– The only shooting game where you have access to heavy weapons: flamethrower, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, etc.!


– Upgrade your character to dominate in battle!
– Improve weapon skills: machine gun skills, shotgun skills, sniper rifle skills, etc.


– Customize your character. The game offers masks, armor and equipment.
– Collect and install new sights and key rings on your weapon!
– Special effects are available for your weapons.

► Free game: play as much as you want, no energy mechanics.
► Regular Updates: New updates and modes, maps are added every month to enable endless PvP battles!
► Honest Loot: Effortlessly obtain elite weapons!
► One-time sale up to 80% off Firearms, Sights & Keychains!
► Ask a friend to join the game to get an elite weapon!

Thanks for your support and comments!
Tell your friends about Action Strike Online!

Good luck, have fun!
Action Strike Team


Game built-in menu, click the icon in the upper left corner to open
1. Currency usage will not decrease
2. Endless bullets
3. High damage (acts only on NPC)
4. No recoil
5. No spread
6. Cancel rainy days
7. Extra damage to VIP lens
8. Increase attack range
9. Cancel gravity
10. The enemy will not attack (acts only on NPC)
11. No muzzle effect
12. Static crosshair
13. Perspective
14. Perspective frame red
15. Perspective frame yellow
16. Perspective frame green

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