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Alice Re Code v1.7.2 (Mod) APK

“Ah, I’m scared. Let’s play again.”-The country is not a mysterious fuss.
A fantasy fantasy that invades the world “Alice Re: Code”

■ World view

“DOOR”, a secret research organization that has conducted internationally prohibited experiments and has supported the world’s science from the shadows.
An accident occurred during a black hole formation experiment conducted ten years ago at an underground experimental facility owned by this organization.
Later, an unknown different space called “Wonderland” is invited into the facility.
After the accident, DOOR was forced to take measures against Wonderland and cover up its existence, but caused many dead and missing people and was extremely confused.
At that time, the self-proclaimed inventor “Dr. Nisnons”, who was hired from outside, discovered the girls “Alice” who are resistant to wonderland.
He proposed the dispatch of an investigation unit, “Operation Alice Number,” and was successful.

■ Introduction of Alice

Anonymous Alice “Jack”
She is a girl who burns an extraordinary sense of mission in her expressionlessness.
Her person in question even positions fighting as her Alice number as a “nomination,” which is reflected in her codename given to her. ..

“Alice Jack. That’s my name.”

Alice on the Cross “Sophie”
Alice Tense’s girl who keeps up with Jack.
There is a keyword “sister” in a fragment of her memory, and she is searching for “my sister” without even understanding the meaning of the word.

“What is” older sister “? I wish it was someone like Jack.”

Clown Alice “Nana Nana”
She speaks with a unique ending of “~ na” and loves to mischief and annoy people around her, regardless of the situation.
Some members say that her cat ears on her head look like ornaments, but she occasionally saw them move.

“Nana Nana is not a strange name! What an important name my dad gave me!”

■ Exhilarating and speedy strategic battle
Exhilarating and speedy battle that progresses semi-automatically
Turn over the battle situation at the timing of releasing the skill!

■ Various training systems
Full of elements to play with with a variety of training systems!
Let’s train a lot and make the strongest party!

◆ ◇ Official ◇ ◆
Official site: https://alice-recode.info/AliceReCode
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alcrcd
PV video (YouTube): https://youtu.be/vhe4ixLsS_8
◆ ◇ Content introduction ◇ ◆

★ Quest ★

▼ Normal mode
The main purpose is to progress the main story.
Clearing the normal mode releases the hard mode, which is an advanced content.

▼ Hard mode
There are many enemies and equipment that appear only here.
It also serves as a condition for releasing other content.

▼ Day of the week quest
You can collect reinforced materials, experience points, gifts, etc. more efficiently than other contents.

▼ Dungeon
Difficult content that all members capture the dungeon that spreads deep underground.

In order to aim for the deepest part with limited physical strength and members, not only the balance of attack, assistance and recovery, but also
It is necessary to raise all the members evenly.

★ PVP ★
Is the strongest dull?

▼ League system PVP

Killing Alice and others.
Who kills all Alice and stands at the top?

The more you win, the higher your rank.
You will be rewarded each time you rank up.
Luxury rewards can be obtained according to the stay rank at the time of counting.
Ranks are reset weekly.
You can collect materials that can only be obtained here and exchange them for limited rewards.


◆ ◇ Some internal materials are now available! ◇ ◆

■ What is ALICE re: cord?

Crazy love and girls

A different space, a wonderland, that suddenly invaded this world.
There were nobody girls used solely to explore the unknown space that nestled in the underground experimental facility.
I hope that I will continue to dive repeatedly into the wonderland that prevents adults from invading, and one day I will be released from the hands of selfish adults ──
The girls who dreamed of becoming “someone” had no way of knowing yet.
How much this crazy Sekai loves them.

■ 12 girls

Girls who can be anything because they are nothing. Like changing shoes
You can be anyone by changing your neck, like changing your hat, changing your clothes.

The girls can be transformed into various figures by the power of the main character.
Players raise girls who show different abilities for each figure, aiming for crazy Sekai and the end of the story

Alice and his friends head underground.
To regain the robbed “self”.
A different space, a wonderland, that suddenly invaded this world.
Used only to explore the unknown space that nests in underground experimental facilities
There were girls who were nothing.
Known as “Alice Number”.
Continue to dive repeatedly into the wonderland that prevents adults from invading,
I hope that someday I will be released from the hands of selfish adults ──
The girls who dream of becoming someone who is nothing
I didn’t know yet.
This crazy sekai
How much I love them.

■ Scenario concept

Put on reason
Do you “protect” “her girlfriend”?
I’m crazy
Will it fall into “madness” for “she”?

Reminiscent of the popular work “Alice in Wonderland” from ancient times to east and west
A strange, perverted and nonsense view of the world.
Twelve “Alice” who appear there.
“Love” for attractive girls,
It depicts the conflicts and conflicts between “reason” and “madness” that surround it.


1. Unlim. Mana
2. Skill always ready

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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