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Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter: Women Fighting v1.2.7 (Mod Apk)

Bad Girls Wrestling offers rumble model superstar girls fighting experience in this amateur girl wrestling game. Bad girls wrestling game is combined with real professional women wrestling actions. Welcome to the world of bad girls wrestling, it seems to be a true legends of freestyle wrestling tournament which has different levels of multiple wrestler matches. Choose from different girl wrestling models with advanced fighting styles and techniques. Use professional wrestling skills and incredible combo power to take down your women’s opponent’s energy. Our latest free bad girls wrestling game will give you a chance to fight against superstar models from around the world in women royal rumble championship wrestling with HD quality graphics and advanced game modes. Bad girls wrestling game specially designed for girls, women professional amateurs wrestling enthusiasts.

Game Play modes and player selection:

In this bad girl wrestling rumble sports game, the gameplay is very simple and easy. These women wrestling action sports game developed in three different and amazing modes. First, you have to choose your favorite Bad Girl Wrestler, the Women Wrestlers category consists of three different types of wrestlers like Amateur, Professional and Legends and then select a battle royale mode. The battle royale mode consists of two different fighting game modes like story mode and knockout mode.

Story Mode:

The story mode is all about the real-life bad girl grappling stars, behind every fight there is a personal backyard revenge, which will increase the intensity of rage against rivals in the royal court wrestling ring. The first time in the history of wrestling; in bad court story mode girl wrestlers clashes will be converted into personal fights in different and new gameplay challenges.

Knockout mode:

In “knockout”, the fighting mode, which features tough top bad wrestlers at different fighting levels. However, keep in mind, no second chance in knockout mode. Match-winning knockout will increase the power, intensity and excitement of bad girls wrestling fights.

Game Wining Rewards:

Earn points for each victory against an opponent, fighting against strong Bad Girl wrestlers, and level your world wrestling skills to get a higher level ranking. Improve your power, speed and accuracy with new strikes and modern fighting styles to get points for every purr of wrestling royale winning a match.

Daily rewards:

In “daily rewards mode”, you will earn bonus points every day which help you unlock the next bad model girl, ultimately getting more points will be upgrading power, speed and accuracy with great success. new strikes and fighting styles.

Bad Girls Fight Rumble: Women Fighting Games Features:

• Choose a player from the list of bad wrestlers royal girls
• Face the toughest women fighting warriors and become the queen of the backyard ice rink
• Enjoy two different game modes to test your wrestling skills
• Defeat all Bad Freestyle Wrestlers in “Story Mode”
• Extreme challenge “Knockout Mode” will test your fighting skills
• Bad Girls heavyweight champions fight against women wrestling superstars world
• Royal girls fighting rivals in action with extreme rumble fighting gestures
• Win girls wrestling matches and rewarded points to unlock the next challenge
• Background music and sound effects will boost your energy


All characters, levels and modes can be played, and the gold coins can’t be used up


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