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Battlefield Royale – The One v0.4.5 (MOD) APK

Battlefield Royale – The One is not only a TPS Battle Royale game with a high degree of freedom, but also a new category of mobile game that perfectly combines Shooting and Casual RPG.

With 60 players and 3-5 minutes of battle, parachute jumping, searching for equipment, arming yourself, running, hiding and finding the right time to attack, you will fight to survive until the end.

Choose heroes with unique fighting skills and talents to participate in the competition, great fighting skills and reasonable use of tactics in the game will finally make you laugh!
Now pick up your favorite weapon and join this exciting and addictive epic game!

The game uses a comprehensive view, but this does not mean that you can see all the risk factors in the area. You still have to pay attention to strike the enemies hiding behind the walls, the grass and the shadows around you. On the other hand, you can also use the bunker in the environment for ambushes, which will be very fun! All environmental factors can also be destroyed, such as heavy machine guns can smash walls and flamethrowers can burn grass to destroy these bunkers and find and get the enemy!

Please note that these settings are not absolute and will not have any effect if you burn the grass when it rains! Free but reasonable! You will find it fun, but winning is not easy.

A variety of competitive modes to meet the different preferences of players:

Regular PVP battle royale – classic battle royale mode. They are exiled to a secluded island with 59 other players. Find weapons and equipment to strengthen yourself, and use strategies to beat all the other players to win.

Monster battle royale – In this mode, your enemies are not only players, but also Zombies, Hydralisks and other monsters. Defeat the monster and have a chance to get powerful and advanced weapons! Fighting is the only rule! For players who strive for maximum achievements, this mode is a better choice!

Single Weapon Mode – Everyone has a favorite weapon, but in Single Weapon mode, all players can only use one weapon. Imagine that everyone is playing the game with a gun: find each other from a distance, then move each other temporarily. Finally, the duel begins after reaching the range! my Lord! It looks a lot like a cowboy! When you enjoy the game, you will also practice the skills of using different weapons. Believe me, this situation produces the most laughter.

Random mode, all settings of all players will be selected randomly: your hero, initial skills, initial weapons, birth area, all you have to do is to win the game in all random circumstances and in situations that you don’t know, you know, this is much more difficult than the previous modes. This mode is what we store for gods players.

In the future, we will release more interesting modes to make Battlefield Royale-The One the best Battle Royale game for mobile devices. Please download now and support us. Definitely make your free time very exciting and fun!

Game features.

Fast paced real-time multiplayer mobile games Battle Royale, exciting and fun survival challenge.
High degree of freedom, all environmental factors can be destroyed.
Set out in many regions of the world, to compete in a duel with players from all over the world.
A variety of game modes meet the needs of all players.
More than 50 hero characters with unique skills are waiting for you to collect and develop.
Unique operating display system, horizontal or vertical operation can be switched according to the habit.

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