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Blockbusters: Online PvP Shooter v1.0.1 (Mod Apk)

Blockbusters is a competitive third-person online PvP game with excellent 3D graphics and captivating gameplay.

Choose a hero with your favorite fighting and killing style in TPS game – melee, attack or sniper. Equip the most powerful weapon and co-op skills and go to battle against other players around the world in fast-paced matches.

Cooperate with other players and defend your fortress. Play this third person online PvP shooter now! Complete missions, climb the PvP ranks, get guns and equipment as rewards and boost your heroes after every online battle filled with heavy gunfire.

Choose your favorite class: Sniper, Special Operations Soldier, Heavy Laundry, Street Gangster or Hitman. Try them all out and decide who are the most effective at defeating your enemies on the battlefield.

Select what is your favorite weapon: machine gun, hunting rifle, bow, assault rifle, crowbar, knife, ax, pistol. Equip a grenade, sanitary package, helmet, Kevlar.

If you like 3D shooting games, special ops games, team play or castle defense then you will become a Blockbusters fan. The new third-person multiplayer hero shooter outperforms all other first-person shooting games.

Join the Archery Masters Association. Determine your winning strategy and combat tactics.

Good luck, have fun!




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