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Bricks Breaker Melody v1.0.56 (MOD) APK

A combined game with a variety of melodic lines and addictive brick-busting action!
Try it now!

Fireballs to destroy bricks and relieve stress
enjoying all types of melodies to destroy the bricks!

Destroy all the bricks with your own style of melody!

[How to play]

– Touch the screen to adjust the angle of fire and release to release the bullets.
– Bricks are destroyed when the number reaches 0.
– Break all the bricks to go to the next step.
– End of the game when the bricks reach the final result.


– Free to play
– Thousands of steps
– A variety of balls and melodic lines to play with
– Possibility to play one hand with easy controls
– Network connection is not required
– 3 modes (Stage, Classic, 100 balls)
– Supported on low specification devices
– Supported on tablets
– Displays achievements and leaderboards


– This game includes in-app purchases.
Actual payments will be charged for purchases through the app.
– Purchase refunds may be limited depending on the item purchased.
– Data saved on a device is reset when the device is changed or when the app is deleted.

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