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Carnivores: Ice Age v1.8.9 Моd Apk (Money)

Prehistoric winter hunting adventure finally on Android!

Carnivores: Ice Age transports you to a newly discovered planet where you can test your shooting skills and tactical sense in a realistic arctic safari. The game offers a smart hunting experience and offers much more than a visit to the shooting range. The unparalleled possibility of being able to travel a limitless 3D world makes the hunt even more exciting and gives the game an unlimited lifespan.

The hunter, equipped with weapons and accessories such as a camouflage outfit or a scent cover, must be as discreet as a mouse when approaching a saber-toothed tiger, while taking into account the direction wind so as not to end up in the beast’s stomach. Advanced animal AI makes them dangerous opponents defending their world and adding an FPS touch to the game.

Gather your gear and go hunting in Carnivores: Ice Age if you feel ready to explore a huge new world and think before you shoot.

The game offers:

– A gigantic 3D world, ready to be explored
– A true-to-life hunting experience
– 3D animals, from the famous saber-toothed tiger to the mysterious woolly rhino.
– 5 maps with varied climate and relief.
– Accessories for intelligent hunting
– Interactive Trophy Room
– HD graphics
– Hours of nostalgia for all those who remember playing it on their PC


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