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Carpet Bombing 2 v1.298 (Mod Money) Apk

Retro style jet fighter and bombing game that also includes attack helicopters.
Adapt, engage, seek and destroy the enemy.

Game Features:

Combat – Arcade mode with instant level-to-level action without the need to take off or land.

Combat – Simulation mode for those who like a more advanced flight experience with fuel management, critical hits, ground repairs, takeoff and landings.

Infinite modes for arcade combat and simulation. Choose your plane, engage the enemy and see how far you can go. The weapons go from level to level.

Base Defense Mode – Defend your base from wave after wave of enemies. How long will your base last?

Campaign Mode – You play as the hero you need in Part 1 of Arctic Strike. Protect a small island nation from a massive enemy determined to intimidate their way and claim all precious resources.

15 planes to improve, fly and master.

10 types of levels to fly and fight providing a non-repeating experience every time you fly.

A fully accessible web-based game manual with up-to-date video tutorials.

Leaderboard where you can track and compare your score with others.


No ads will block your view or interfere with your game.


Play when and where you want!

A committed team to answer your questions.
Frequent updates to make more improvements, tweaks, fixes to user feedback and more.

We hope you enjoy Carpet Bombing 2

Note: Please help us improve the game. CB2 is an ongoing project. Many of the game’s improvements come from player feedback and requests. Let us know where you think things need improvement.

We have put together a wonderful game manual with lots of video tutorials to help you get to know all aspects of the game. If there is anything you still need help with. Send us an e-mail.



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