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CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) v2.0.5 (Patched) APK + OBB

This cult and timeless RPG returns full of new features! From a forgotten past to an unknown future and until the “End of Time”, live an unparalleled adventure through the ages alongside many companions to save the planet!

CHRONO TRIGGER is a famous RPG that was made by a dream production team including Yuji HORII (Dragon Quest), Akira TORIYAMA (Dragon Ball) and the FINAL FANTASY staff. Embark on an adventure through time that takes you through history in the present, the Middle Ages, the future, prehistory, and antiquity! Live an unparalleled adventure through the ages alongside many companions to save the planet!

In this ultimate version of CHRONO TRIGGER, the controls have been updated and the images and sound have been repackaged so you can better enjoy your adventure. With the addition of the mysterious “Dimensional Vortices” and “Forgotten Sanctuary”, your epic is complete. Complete the quests that come your way and reveal their secrets …


The young hero, Chrono, accidentally meets the charming Marle during the millennium fair of the founding of the Kingdom of Gardia, in Lynne Square. Having decided to try out the various attractions of the fair, the two characters attend a demonstration of the teleporter invented by Lucca, Chrono’s childhood friend. Unfortunately, the teleporter goes wrong and Marle, who had accepted out of curiosity to serve as a guinea pig, disappears, sucked in by a dimensional distortion. Seizing the pendant lost on this occasion by the young girl, Chrono bravely embarks on the warp to rescue her and finds himself in the same place, but 400 years earlier!

Main Features :

Active Time Battle v.2

Time doesn’t stop during battles, and you can enter commands when the character’s gauge is full. Enemies change position over time, so choose your actions based on the situation.

Special techniques and combos

During combat, you can use special techniques including skills or magic. It is possible to combine the special attacks of two or three characters to make devastating “duos” or “trios”. The game allows more than 50 combinations!

Discover the “Dimensional Vortex” and “Forgotten Sanctuary” dungeons

“Dimensional Vortices” are strange dungeons that suddenly appeared on Earth and whose configuration changes with each exploration. Who knows what awaits the characters in …?
The “Forgotten Sanctuary” is a mysterious portal that appeared in Prehistory and the Middle Ages. And who only reveals his secrets to those who complete various quests …

Images and sound

The images have been reworked to achieve better resolution, while remaining faithful to the atmosphere of the original. Sounds and music have been reworked under the supervision of composer Yasunori Mitsuda to provide a more immersive playing experience.

Auto save

You can save to a save point, quitting the game from the menu, but your progress is also saved automatically when you browse the map.



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