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Crash Bandicoot On the Run! v1.20.68 (MOD) APK

Save the multiverse with Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco!

Help Crash and Coco run, jump, whirl and smash through paths full of obstacles. Dash through mysterious locations, and defeat the minions of Neo Cortex.

Explore exotic places. Customize Crash and Coco with N. Sane skins, build an arsenal of amazing weapons, and upgrade to receive rewards.

Get ready for the ride of your life!

Legendary locations and bosses
Full of challenges await Bandicoot fans, new and old!

The Wumpa Archipelago is vast, and is home to must-see places, such as Turtle Wood, Temple Ruins and The Great Gate. Each adventure is thrilling, from the dangers of The sewer and the colors to the perils of Flocon parte.

Dr Neo Cortex has called upon the most dangerous enemies of Crash and Coco in the multiverse: Nina Cortex, Dingodile, Dr N. Gin, the False Crash, the False Coco and many other bosses steal power gems. Crash and Coco must stop them!

Team up for better rewards

Join the best bandicoots in asynchronous multiplayer races!
Cooperate with your friends as a team, and brag about being the best by seeing your names on the leaderboards. Who went the furthest, or held out the longest? By challenging others, your team can earn awesome trophies.

Go on an adventure in style

Appearances are deceptive with the awesome unlockable skins.

Enjoy basic Crash and Coco Bandicoot and Punk skins right from the start. Explore the multiverse and unlock skins that grant trophies, bonuses, modifiers, and even an Aku Aku mask!

Unlock new lands to explore
Choose where Crash and Coco will run, whether it’s for prizes or for fun.

To run, select skins and weapons based on rewards or enemies. The islands offer varied challenges with many routes and routes that go in all directions. The resources to recover depend on the path you take, so be careful.

Perfect your aim, take the advantage
To take care of the bosses, Crash and Coco make weapons!

Serums to clear the frosty ant drone. Bombs that rock nitro crabs. A laser gun AND a bazooka to humiliate Neo Cortex nitro.

Build and improve your bandicoot base
Help Coco expand his HQ on Wumpa Island.

Coco or Crash roam Wumpa Island in search of resources. Use parts to build high-tech labs and craft weapons like Nitro Bombs and Frosty Laser Guns.

As you run, look for Sparkling Flowers, Shell Shards, Nitric Mushrooms, Alpha / Beta Coins, and other items to use or redeem for trophies.


God Mode and Unlocked Costumes. (Use MOD MENU to Enable MODS)


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