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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS The mobile game of the famous official license Dragon Ball finally in your smartphone!
Experience a very high quality fighting game with 3D graphics for breathtaking brawls and combos! Create your team and discover an adventure inked in the universe of DRAGON BALL! Use all possible strategies to defeat your opponents thanks to a complete RPG system that allows you to train your fighters!

Take control of your favorite heroes: Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Trunks … and face your rivals all over the world! This PVP (player versus player) game gives you the opportunity to crush as many opponents as possible.
Characters from the latest series are available: Goku Black, Zamasu, Vegeta Super Saiyan divine SS and Son Goku Super Saiyan divine SS, and many more!

Dragon Ball Legends Features:

Action-packed tactile battles:
– Take part in fights with simple controls requiring only one finger!
– Chain blows and launch super attacks with a single touch!
– Assemble your team and train them to the final victory!

Clashes around the world
– Compete against players around the world in real time!
– Use as you see fit the characters you have trained and show off to other players!

An original story
– The hero of the game is an original character drawn by Akira Toriyama! Find out about this Saiyan NOW.
– Embark on a new adventure alongside Son Goku and his friends!
– The villains of the famous animated are also playable like Frieza, Cell, Boo or even Zamasu and Goku Black.


  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • One Hit kill
  • God Mode
  • Dump Enemies
  • 1 Enemy Per Quest
  • Instant Win
  • No Swap Cooldown
  • No Vanish Cooldown
  • No KI Cost
  • Auto Complete All Challenges
  • Always Critical
  • Tutorial Bypassed
  • All Cards Give DragonBalls
  • Instant Rising Rush

NOTE: Do not activate any MODs while playing tutorial!

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