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DRAGON QUEST V v1.1.1 (Full Version) APK

This immense adventure that spans three generations is now within reach!
Take your place in a family of heroes and share in the glory and drama of their romantic lives!

Enjoy a multi-generation adventure, all in one package!
Download all at once, without any purchase or additional downloads!

* Game available in English only.

◆ Prologue

The story begins when our hero is still a child, traveling the world alongside his father, Pankraz.
This endearing young boy will learn a lot and of course grow as his adventures progress.
When he reaches adulthood, he decides to resume his father’s unfinished quest: to find the legendary hero …

Now you can enjoy this huge, exciting adventure on your mobile devices!

◆ Features

・ Mighty Monsters: Make Friends!

Make friends with the terrifying monsters you face on the battlefield, to learn new spells and skills and open up a whole world of strategic possibilities!

・ Chat with your team members!

This function allows you to chat freely with the original characters who will accompany you on your quest. Do not hesitate to ask them if you need advice or even to talk about rain or shine!

・ 360 degree view

Rotate your 360 degree vantage point in towns and cities to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

・ AI battles

Tired of giving orders? So make your faithful companions fight in auto mode.
Choose from the tactics at your disposal to defeat enemies without giving yourself any trouble!

・ Treasures, Numbers and Traps (T’n’T)

Roll the dice and progress through various game boards filled with special events!
You’ll find some never-before-seen items there, and awesome rewards await those who arrive at the end!

Gooey galore, the comeback!

Gooey galore (or Bruise the Ooze in English), the mini-game introduced in the Nintendo DS version is back in force! Crush goos in the time limit to get points, in this extremely simple and highly addicting and satisfying game!

・ Simple and intuitive controls

The controls have been reworked to ensure optimal compatibility of the game on mobile devices. Additionally, you can now move the directional key to enable one or two hand playability.

・ Come experience the famous RPG favorite of millions of fans in Japan and around the world!

Immerse yourself in a game shaped by a legendary trio: the great Yuji Horii in creation, the visionary Koichi Sugiyama in the musical orchestration, accompanied by the famous manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), behind the exceptional visuals of the game .

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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