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Dragon Quest I v1.0.9 (Full Version) APK

◆ Prologue

The peace that reigned in Alefgard was suddenly shattered by the arrival of the evil wizard known as the Dragonlord. In addition, the sphere of light, which for centuries had been a bulwark against the forces of evil, has been stolen!
It is up to you, young warrior descended from the legendary hero Erdrick, to defeat the Dragonlord and save the world from darkness!

◆ Features

・ The first installment of the legendary saga
Experience the retro RPG that fascinated millions of players in Japan since its release in the 1980s under the title Dragon Warrior … and never give up on the adventure!
Play as the descendant of the brave Erdrick, and embark on a true epic journey through the realm of Alefgard, slaying dreadful creatures and solving intriguing puzzles along the way before facing the abominable Dragonlord in the very heart of his lair!

・ Simple and intuitive controls
The controls have been reworked to ensure optimal compatibility of the game on mobile devices. Additionally, you can now move the directional key to enable one or two hand playability.

Come experience the famous RPG favorite of millions of fans in Japan and around the world! Immerse yourself in a game shaped by a legendary trio: the great Yuji Horii in creation, the visionary Koichi Sugiyama in the musical orchestration, accompanied by the famous manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), behind the exceptional visuals of the game .

MOD: Open game-Continue from Autosave

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