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Fellow Eternal Clash v2.4.8 (Mod) APK

All about MMORPG in Fellow !!
The first field! Sea! Air! Open field MMORPG!

• Official community: www.plug.game/fellow
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FellowEternalClash/

[Introduction to the game]
You can experience the best MMORPG while exploring the world of Fellow with many other users.

Join forces with your colleagues to explore the dungeon, walk through the vast fields and
become a true hero of the world.

▣ Earth! Sea! Air! Infinite battle

• Run on the ground and fight
• Swim in the water and fight
• Fly in the air with wings and fight
• Players can go anywhere in the Fellow’s world and enjoy the game anywhere

▣ The fun of collecting and farming

• Various attractions
• Multiple wings
• And guardians …
• Elevate your character’s capabilities to the maximum with a variety of collectibles.

▣ Explore the world of fantasy

• Fly through the giant fantasy world from the beach town where planes fly
To the forest where the darkness is buried
• Talk to hundreds of characters and find colleagues.

▣ Great battlefield with strategy and tactics

• Battlegrounds that require organic cooperative play, strategy and tactics await you.
• You will experience a live battle combining characteristics of each occupation, such as
Tanker, distributor, healer, etc.
• It is possible to fight anywhere on land, sea, air and it is possible to use various
strategies and tactics.

▣ The real raid is here

• Up to 8 players can form a raid to explore dungeons and attack boss monsters.
• Cooperate by focusing on unique roles from each job and attack dungeons together

▣ Choose the camp! And fight!

• Who will own the throne.
• Secure resources that have the Creator’s power and become a war hero to win the

▣ Various skills

• You can use 12 different skills to grow your character in various ways.
• You can also use the skills for the right occasion.

In order to provide the following services, we are requesting certain permissions:

[Optional permission]

– The optional permission does not affect the game.
Camera – Take screenshots to help with customer service inquiries
Photos: Attach screenshots for customer service
Microphone: microphone access to use voice chat

[Permission management]

– Android 6.0 or higher – Settings> Applications> Select application> Permissions
– In Android 6.0: update the version of the operating system to remove the permissions; Uninstall app
※ If the app does not ask for consent for the permission, you can manage the permission by following the steps above.
※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device settings.

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God Mode, One Hit

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