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Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World v1.59 (Mod) APK

Join the journey of a girl and a baby in search of the end of the world.
Destroy all the monsters and feel the adrenaline.

Join the journey of a girl wanting to go beyond the limits of the world.
Destroy all the monsters and feel the dynamics.

– Move and dodge

Double tap the direction arrows to move quickly.
It is important to use dodge in combat to evade enemy attacks.

– Attack

You can continue to attack by simply pressing and holding the button.
Quickly defeat your enemies with devastating combos!

– Protect the child!

Don’t lose your baby!
There is a chance that you will drop the baby when you are attacked by an enemy.
It is imperative to get it back before you can fight again!

– Skill

You can get skill books by solving puzzles.
Find them all to reach your full power!

– Mine

Fortified stones extracted from the mine are used to improve equipment.
The extraction is done automatically.

– Objects

Items are heavily influenced by level and rank.
Get your hands on the ultimate item: the Ancient Legendary rank!

– Tour of Trials

You can upgrade your challenger with the experience you gain in the Trial Tower.
Each time you level up, you earn Challenger Points.
Points are used to increase the player’s combat statistics.

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