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Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West v1.12.001 (Mod Apk)

《Frontier Justice》 is a simulation and strategy game set in the world of the Wild West. You play as a bounty hunter and conquer the old west by capturing criminals, fighting outlaws, hunting legendary animals, taming legendary horses, upgrading weapons, and building your city.

Game Features

1. Here is the Authentic Wild West – Bounty Hunters, Lawyers, Outlaws, Cowboys and Entrepreneurs … You can find all the great people of the Old West here.

2. Free construction – The lounge, the stables, the Hôtel des Quatre Coins, the Frisco Express and its train station, the city clock tower … a wide variety of buildings to choose from!

3. Simulation – Blazing deserts, snowy plains and lush forests – experience the four seasons, day and night. You have to prepare for anything!

4. Duel – Classic duels in the streets of old Wild West. Improve your gun and hone your accuracy until you can hit a dime from a hundred feet!

5. Games of Chance – Try your luck with cards and the raffle machine in the living room, to win tons of rewards!

6. Hunt legendary animals – Bears, wolves, alligators and eagles – many different animals await you. Hunt them down and collect rare items!

7. Breed Horses – Track, tame and upgrade them to fill your stables!

8. Capture Fugitives to Claim Bounties – Take bounty jobs, hunt down and slaughter outlaws to claim rich rewards!

9. Unlock and upgrade your favorite weapons – Knives, revolvers, shotguns, and even custom sniper rifles … get unlimited rare and powerful legendary weapons for free!

10. Join an Intrepid Alliance – Built-in translation and the Band chat channel allow you to work with your allies to take control of the state government and expand your territory!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frontierjustice.en/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frontierjustice.en/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/frontier_justic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbkQ_Derxq5VysdoCia6eSQ?view_as=subscriber
Official site: http://frontier.onemt.com/
Customer service:
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message us at serviceww@onemt.com
Privacy Policy: http://www.onemt.com/abroadgame/outer/policy
Terms of Service: http://www.onemt.com/abroadgame/outer/terms



When fighting, click “skip” in the lower right corner to quickly skip the battle


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