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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime v5.1.1a Mod (Apk + Obb)

Ready to live a life of razor sharp crime? A gangster like you will put Vegas at his feet!

Move freely in a massive open world full of gang wars, thieves, vice, crime, vehicle races, snipers, clan conspiracies, zombie shooting and other intense and crazy fun !


√ Explore every inch of this huge open city, where every vice has a price.
√ Discover each TPS action mission, racing challenges, secret items to collect and cars to steal.
√ Try your luck at your favorite casino game. You know, the one you don’t play in San Andreas …


√ Start your thrilling story by boxing for the Mafia. But soon you will be free to claim the true ultimate prize by sending your clans to take on the city gangs.
√ Fight for your life in each mission (over 80!) Packed with action, robberies, car races, shootouts and fun GST action!
√ You don’t know who your next opponents will be, as alien wars, waves of tanks and zombies are common in the city.


√ Start gang wars with a big boom as you fight with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, bomb throwers and even futuristic weapons!
√ Take control of muscle cars, armored vehicles, fighter jets and anything else you’ve dreamed of piloting since you were a little gangster.
√ Deploy deadly drones that will automatically cover, counterattack, and heal you during your missions.
√ Become a unique gangster by customizing your TPS skills and in-game gear for maximum action.
√ Give in to your vice in style with dozens of costumes that let you become a Vegas High Roller, Zombie Gangster, Mafia Godfather, World Class Boxer, Pro Racing Driver, Shaolin Master, Shooter elite of the future and more.


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Much money
VIP level 10
Do the first launch of the game with the Internet turned on! If a message about blocking the game appears, then completely close the game, turn off the Internet and restart the game .


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