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Garage 54 – Car Tuning Simulator v1.48 (Mod Apk)

Description of the application

This is the official game of the Garage 54 YouTube channel, and it combines racing and a car mechanics simulator. In the game, you will repair and upgrade cars and drive them around the city, participating in various types of races.
Moreover, your character is a video blogger, your successful actions will bring you new subscribers. And they, in turn, will bring more in-game income to your character. Are you ready to become a car mechanic, racer, and advanced blogger at the same time?

Gameplay preview:
– You buy a car, and initially it’s in terrible shape. You start to tune it using a variety of tools and spare parts.
– You first do the bodywork: rust cleaning, primer, painting, etc. After that, improve the engine, gearbox and suspension. If you want to change the drive, you can do that as well. Finally, you can replace the wheels with … stiffer wheels.
– If such a simple and ordinary setting just isn’t cool enough for you, you can also do some weird stuff – just like the Garage 54 chain stuff. For example, what if you cut a minivan in two? Try it and find out!
– When your car is good enough, you can test it in a race. You can use modes like sprint, ring and drift, as well as free ride mode in a spacious city.
– Every successful tuning and every won race brings you new subscribers. The more subscribers – the more in-game currency you get each day, and more money means more cars and car experiences!

Game Features:
– The official game of the YouTube channel Garage 54 with the team of the channel as characters of the game;
– 15 cars – from Soviet classics to futuristic electric pickups;
– Over 50 different spare parts and tools for adjustment;
– Multi-stage tuning, divided into two dozen stages – start with the body and engine, end with the suspension, gearbox and wheels;
– Experimental tuning: radically change the bodies of some cars, feel like Doctor Frankenstein who decided to turn into a car mechanic!
– Possibility of hiring staff and installing various equipment in the garage – lifts, cameras and more. Equipment and employees give bonuses to various parameters, such as tuning speed or subscriber growth;
– The possibility of buying new, more advanced garages during the game;
– 3 racing modes – circle, sprint, drift;
– 3 locations with several tracks in each;
– Detailed rankings for those who want to take advantage of their domineering status.

Unlimited money
Unlimited gold
You can spend the money and gold you want in the game, it increases as you spend.

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