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Idle Army Base v1.25.0 (Mod Apk)


Create the largest military base the world has ever seen! It’s your first day at Army training camp as a private. You don’t have time to rest! You have to overcome various trials in order to get promoted and be fit to fight anywhere in the world!

Earn money and train in your base to progress. Manage the growth of your camp, improve the value, speed, capacity and queue size of all training areas. It won’t be easy and aspiring lazy people have no place here! You will love expanding and improving your military base.

Here are some challenges you will need to overcome to get your promotion:

EXERCISE COURTYARD – Head to the exercise yard to get your heart rate up with sit-ups, star jumps, and more!

URBAN GUERILLA – Stay on your toes during this SWAT practice in house-to-house combat.

JUNGLE WARFARE – Prepare for the Jungle Adventure: Take out your machete and wait for the right time to engage in it.

ARCTIC WARFARE – Warm up, control your heart rate, take shelter from the snow, and take aim in the arctic tundra.

HEAVY MACHINE GUN – Practice with the heavy machine gun, to the beat of its sweet melody.

HEAVY ARTILLERY – Boom, boom, boom! It’s time to spread hell on Earth.

CHEMICAL WARFARE – Put on your mask, breathe gently, and watch where you step in order to exit the gas cloud.

CHARS – It’s for big boys (and big girls)! Steer your tanks and take out the big guns to deal maximum damage. It will hurt !

War in the Desert – It is hot, very hot, and the sand is crumbly. You will therefore have to roll over the wooden planks. It’s not a race, but the speed is cool!

NAVAL WARFARE – You have to be rich to afford a boat, but it takes confidence to sail the high seas, so get ready to wet the t-shirt!

EXPLOSIVES TRAINING – Unpin and throw grenades to save your skin, and watch the beautiful fireworks!

PARACHUTIST – Say goodbye to your midshipman life, jump from the plummeting plane and land on the target area. No place for the rich!

OBSTACLE RACE – A real adventure for idle capitalists: climb the net and the rope, pass the suspension ladder and cross the mud lake to prove you are in good shape.

Here is the best army management game ever! We hope you enjoy the adventure, the action, the feeling of progress and have fun.


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