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Leo’s Fortune v1.0.7 (Paid) Apk

Leo’s Fortune is an award winning platform adventure game in which you must hunt down the mysterious thief who stole your gold. Beautifully illustrated levels bring Leo and his story to life in this epic adventure.

“Leo’s Fortune is one of the most dazzling platform games I have ever seen, and its graphics rival those of the most recent consoles. “- CNET

“Leo’s Fortune is a masterpiece. 100 out of 100 ”- Duuro.net 100%

“Leo’s Fortune is a great platformer… its controls fit perfectly on tablets, and the design is beautifully smart overall. “- Joystiq

“I’m going home to find my gold has been stolen!” For some strange reason the thief dropped my coins like breadcrumbs through the woods. Despite the dangerousness of the situation, I must follow the trail of my treasure. No matter what awaits me, I must find my fortune. “-Leopold


through lush environments, from humid forests and arid deserts to pirate towns and snow-capped mountains.


the many deadly traps and solve puzzles based on physical effects through 24 dangerous levels filled with platforms.


gold coins and find out who stole Leo’s fortune in this award-winning platform game.

Finish Leo’s Fortune to unlock Survival Mode: Try to finish the game without dying, a rare achievement among players on this epic platforming adventure! Compete with your friends to complete as many levels as quickly as possible.

Leo’s Fortune supports game controllers and gamepads designed for Android devices, cloud save, leaderboards and achievements.

Check out our Rube Goldberg trailer to see the game’s levels come to life: http://youtu.be/SH9KnEgPsXc

“Are you a Leo fan? Join our community on:


Questions, suggestions, problems? Let us know what you think! Send us a message at support@leosfortune.com

* Some game controllers and gamepads have specific minimum system requirements. Check the compatibility with the manufacturer of your game controller or gamepad.

Privacy Policy: http://www.leosfortune.com/privacy
EULA: http://www.leosfortune.com/eula

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