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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang v1.5.79.6332 (MOD) APK

Join your friends in a new kind of 5v5 MOBA against real human opponents, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Choose your favorite Hero and create the perfect team with your comrades from the front! 10 seconds of research, 10 minutes of combat. Fight in lines, jungle, run to towers, do team fights, all the fun of MOBAs and PC action games in the palm of your hand! Fuel your esports mind!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the breathtaking MOBA, on mobile. Play as a team to defeat your opponents and achieve victory!

Your phone thirsts for battles!


1. Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles

Real-time, 5v5 battles against real opponents. Fight on the 3 lines to take the enemy tower. 4 jungle zones. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild Bosses. Complete reproduction of classic MOBA maps. All in 5v5, Human vs. Humans. A triumphant return to the real MOBA playstyle.

2. Win with teamwork and strategy

Block damage, control the enemy, and heal teammates! Choose from Tanks, Mages, Shooters, Assassins, Supports, etc. to make your team win or be the MVP! New Heroes are constantly coming!

3. Loyal Battles, Lead Your Team to Victory

Like classic MOBAs, there’s no need to train or pay for stats. The winners and losers are chosen by their skills and abilities on this fair competitive gaming platform. Play to Win, not Pay to Win.

4. Simple controls, easy to master

With a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, you only need 2 fingers to become a master! The automatic locking and sorting of targets will allow you to give the last blow to the chosen one of your heart. Never miss again! A convenient tap-to-equip system lets you focus on the thrill of battle!

5.10 Seconds of Research, 10 Minutes of Fighting

Research takes only 10 seconds, and fights last 10 minutes, start calm at the start of the game to level up, and rush straight into intense battles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, and more thrill action and crushing wins. Anytime, anywhere, turn on your game and immerse yourself in the MOBA competition that will make your heart beat faster.

Contact us

You can have customer support service through the [Contact Us] button in-game, to help you with any problem you encounter in-game. You can also find us on the following platforms. We welcome all your thoughts and suggestions for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on:



* Feature List

➡Draw Player Line
➡Draw Player Box
➡Draw Player Distance
➡Camera Height [0-40]

* Settings

➡Line Bold [0-10]
➡Text Size [0-10]




Skin in Game are visual only but have full effects like real skin
Please be sure that your game mobile legends is installed on your phone before using this app or else your app log in will crash.
VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/R1CxgghTsJM

DRONE VIEW TUTORIAL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqPYWPNiiPU


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