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Modern Strike Online: Free PvP FPS shooting game 1.46.0 (MOD) APK

Modern Strike Online

Are you a fan of FPS? Looking for the most fun of all gameplays?
Then you will love Modern Strike Online!
This dynamic shooter will amaze you with its realistic graphics. Heavily armed special forces confront dangerous terrorists … all on your smartphone! Play online with your friends for FPS PvP battles like you’ve never seen before! Already essential on mobile in the CS style we all love!

Here’s why you’ll love Modern Strike Online:

✪ 7 single and multiplayer combat modes!
✪ Clans!
♣ Custom games! Create matches with your own rules!
✪ 14 unique maps with very different environments!
✪ 50 unique weapon types: handguns, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and many more!
♣ Weapon skins!
✪ Optimized for entry level devices!
✪ Sumptuous modern graphics as detailed as on PC!
♣ Simple and intuitive controls!
✪ Daily bonuses! Play every day to collect your prizes and complete the daily goals!
✪ You will need good tactics, a keen sense of strategy and flawless cooperation. Find enemy weak spots and win!

Main game modes:

✪ Team battle!
Two teams compete. The objective: to destroy all opposition! Dominate the battlefield with your friends!

✪ Deathmatch!
Every soldier for himself! A dangerous deathmatch for the elite of FPS players!

✪ Team Bomb Deathmatch!
Terrorists plant a bomb and Special Forces try to stop them, like in Counter-Strike and CS: GO!

✪ Duel!
A single fight with a single winner! You and your opponent alone on the battlefield!

✪ Special operation!
Two teams compete with one life per round. The winning team is the one that still has at least one survivor at the end.

✪ Hardcore!
Build up the pressure: here, the damage is multiplied by 2. No room for error!

✪ Custom game!
Create your own game and select the map / mode you want. Invite your friends and create your own shooting game lounge. These games don’t earn you experience or money, weapons don’t wear out, and matches aren’t ranked, but grenades and first aid kits are consumed.

Reminder: join the competitions and strengthen your clan! Earn better bonuses with your friends!

Win in the rankings! Upgrade your armor and weapons and choose your favorite skins. Expect unforgettable moments of action in this expertly balanced game, with realistic sound effects and explosion effects, and ultra-detailed graphics.
The game regularly receives new maps, weapons, and even game modes.

Do not miss the new cooperative mobile shooter from the flagship of Russian developers!
Online FPS battles inspired by Counter-Strike: a real treat on smartphone!

What’s New?

Get ready for some cool updates in season 11:

– New weapons: Remington 1858, Bushmaster ACR 3, Winchester 1866
– Legendary skin for the Bushmaster ACR 3
– Premium skins for the KGS, M16A2 and MP 133
– New character: “Bullseye” Joe
– New helmet: Cowboy Hat
– Visual lobby changes
– Unlimited Battlepass
– Lots of technical fixes and improvements

And like always, a cool present to ring in the new update!


Unlimited Ammo | No Reload

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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