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Monster Killer – Assassin, Archer, Hero Shooter v0.25.0 (Mod) Apk

Have you ever heard that popular story of Jack the Ripper, the unidentified London serial killer who cut throat legend to victims and never used guns?

Victorian criminals, spooky violent battles, spooky amazing gameplay, realistic modes and other hardcore stuff in our offline shooter!

If you want to fight evil and independently administer justice to the killers, like the assassins did, hurry up to download this unique role-playing in which you have to fight monsters, gangsters, bandits and others. baddies using all the destroy knowledge, skills and experiences you have! Each player immerses himself in the lively and realistic atmosphere of 19th century London, wanders its narrow streets and enters its grocery stores, in short – he or she lives in horror an ordinary legendary life. However, in the evening, you have to keep your eyes open: the twilight in the capital is full of great dangers … Devouring evil and black magic awaken at night … These frightening evil monsters secretly plan to destroy the world, and your goal is to prevent this plan! Do you want to become a hero and improve your destroy leadership skills?

The main goal of the is to kill all the monsters of the legendary London suburb.

The itself will be extremely interesting, because all the horror monsters in this offline shooting game are different from each other and are endowed with amazing magical skills:

some enemies use a combination of dark magic and deadly spells, to others can use fire, and someone does. have great parkour skills! But they are all delicate, cruel rpg and much stronger than you! This RPG isn’t just a crazy solo or boring offline shooter. In order to thwart their plans and not to destroy adventure not allow them to assassinate you, you must be scary able to choose the right one and shoot very skillfully. If you think you can do with sport pistols then you are making a big mistake – nothing beats easy! Thus, you have the following useful weapons and equipment in your arsenal:

⚫ Chakram – a throwing weapon from the Indian subcontinent;
💣 Winchester rifles;
💣 Multiply the loaded revolvers;
⚫ Single and multi-shot weapons to shoot your enemy;
💣 Bows, arrows and crossbows for brutal hunters and archers;
💣 Epic hidden blades and other hardcore gear.

So many different types will make you not only an epic archer but also a talented killer capable of fighting all adventure of murdering all of their bosses. Our legend missions cover everything from killer archery rpg to rock climbing in the woods, have different levels and modes, and realistic gameplay will make you archer sure to feel like a horror hero!

Pick the ones you like and kill monster heroes and other enemies in multiple locations. Without a doubt, you will have to rpg sometimes participate in bloody shooting battles in legend forest and fight murderers. Beware, because too many people have already disappeared in the vicious hero forest … Try killer shooter game to be smarter and save the horror adventure civilians from real evil rpg offline while enjoying a wide variety of scary games. places at the same time!

While shooting geek after geek and fighting evil weapon successfully, you can use our new feature –

Gift Shooting Game System, which will increase your chances! Open different horror objects and offline get unique bonuses! As easy as that!

Start your adventure at archer! We wish you to become a true hero! It will be an unforgettable experience!


Unlimited money
Unlimited Gems

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