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Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight Build44 (Paid) Apk

Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight is a platformer RPG with unique and exciting challenges.

The main character, a young knight, goes on a hike. His path crosses beautiful places full of dangers. Difficult trials await the hero! Monsters, zombies, skeletons and other bad guys. Powerful bosses and insidious magic. But the knight must accomplish his mission. Take a mighty sword and go for it! May luck be your loyal companion.


The subject is poignant: discover secrets and get additional quests. Travel through different places such as castles, dungeons, caves, mines, forest mountains and wasteland.


The gameplay is full of secret places and difficult tasks. Look for valuable items: armor, weapons and sword to protect the knight in battles against monsters. Achieve your goals by defeating bosses.


Each reward is worth its path. Get rewards for hiding places found and quests completed.

MC: Sword of Knight is an action platformer with RPG elements.


– Platform RPG with pixel graphics
– Open world: go forward and back at any time
– Many types of enemies to fight and places to explore
– Customizable touch control
– Playable offline
– More than 12 Bosses to beat
– Controller and gamepad support
– The reward system
– 16 original tapes

What’s New?

After completing the game, a new arena is available. Fight in an endless battle.

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