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Ninja Superhero Fighting : City Kung Fu Fight v7.0.7 (Mod) Apk

Superhero Streets Kung Fu Fighting & Super Ninja Combat Battle Story:
Let’s jump on streets of criminals vegas city and play ninja spy robot katana sword master fighting futuristic superheroes in best endless american robot ninja warrior adventure superhero games. Broz Lee is a champion of ninja fighting and martial arts who is shadow fighter Takashi Ninja in supreme ninja game like Kung Fu fighters style. He enters the city of dragons to save his girlfriend Ying Yue in a revenge fight against the ninjas. Lee has come to know it! Ying Yue kidnapped by criminal gangs who set a trap for him and hired a ruthless criminal super ninja on the rooftops, to assassinate a clumsy ninja superhero. Broz Lee decides to face them in fights with them and save his girlfriend from Mr. Devil’s ninja exile. Shadow criminal lords already seized the urban city and Broz Lee young ninja must destroy their mafia network. The townspeople want to drive the mutant shadow fighters out of their towns and streets. It looks like everything is going to fall apart but the ninja master of the Kung Fu rope appears as a samurai’s last hope for the city. Its time to take your justice in this classic beat em up battle mission superhero ninja fight in best free superhero fighting games.

Ninja Rooftop Superhero Street Fighting Fight:
Ninja Superhero Martial Arts Fighting Fighting Game is great combination of fanatic and futuristic super robot gameplay with easy controls of ultimate ninja Arashi in new Kung Fu fighting games. This samurai warrior superhero fighting game specially designed for amazing tug of war ninja fighting lovers. It’s very easy, we made it in open world arcade ninja game mode and new urban supreme ninja fighting racing style, play superhero games to unleash your deadly street fighting rage interior. The samurai shadow warrior gang has taken control of the criminal streets of the city of Vegas, you must stop the criminal activities of Vegas, legendary iron bars and ninja katana swords await the fight of the warrior of eternity against all enemies in your path. Try to win in ninja warrior assassin in lonely survival, beat them, earn points after each successful stickman ninja fight challenge to unlock next level.

How to fight against the criminals of the urban streets of Vegas:
Press buttons to do ninja devil attacks and kicks. Hit the attack button to collect the different tools like the mutant samurai ninja katana sword, baseball bat, wooden box, iron rod and archery weapons from the battlefield. Jumps and blocks to dodge the street shadow warrior devil in ninja superhero games. Collect coins to unlock new combos and get incredible superpowers to become an immortal martial art fighter.

Quick and unpredictable attacks on martial arts and Kung Fu fighters will unlock the next level of superhero ninja. Unleash your rage on the streets of the futuristic world of the American ninja. Unlock new katana sword fighting style features of immortal ninja martial art, kung fu champion and karate. Use your legendary ninja katana sword attacks to eliminate all samurai warriors in this ninja Kung Fu fighting game. Use heavy superpower combos and move fast like spider rope superhero game and attack vegas city kung fu fighters. Enjoy the best action packed assassin beat em up fighting game is supreme ninja battle against amazing supervillains and street robot battle master.

Vegas City Criminal Mafia Gang Fight Rewards:
Improve your Ninja jumping superpowers, speed, and accuracy like spider rope combat strikes and super combos by getting points for each winning match. Earn points for every victory against shadow rivals, battle with sticks against powerful karate and boxing challenges, and improve your Kung Fu robot skills to achieve high level ranking.



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