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Ninja Warrior Shadow Of Samurai v1.2.3 (MOD) APK

Ninja Warrior Knight Legend is RPG fighting action game which brings you new free fighting style experience, are you ready to challenge this new turn based RPG!

Ninja Warrior Knight Legend will take you back to medieval times to read the story of hordes of bloody kings, they wage the bloodiest wars in history and attack realms, you play as the warrior of samurai shadow legends for infiltrate the enemy territory, hit and cut the enemies with the blood katana to become a stronger legend.

This is a samurai fighting game where medieval legend rises, improve your skills and fight as ninja warrior of endless legend to liberate the lands of your kingdom and attack the shadow kingdoms.

The game provides many different props which can lead you to different levels of skill enhancement, hence the pursuit of high level or higher quality gear.
The decision to choose the right weapon for a particular fight is an important one, you can equip different types of weapons to fight with your own style, each weapon has its own attributes.


The war of injustice with the killer kings has started and so the fate of the kingdom is cast into your hands, your task is to fight these evil kings to free the kingdom and the glory of the thrones. You will be accompanied by a professional sword master who will help you understand your new abilities and guide you through the RPG battle.

Battle strategy:

Use the weapons and skills of your heroes to lead him to victory and take down the most powerful bosses.
Fight and conquer mighty hordes of enemies as you unleash your hero’s unique abilities!

Game Features:

– Exciting story and role-playing experience.
– 3D medieval shadow combat rpg environment.
– Easy to control movement.
– Shadow silhouette art style.
– Improve your character’s skills.
– Buy weapons like the katana sword, blowgun, shuriken, kunai knife and more.
– Shop for ninja, samurai, takashi, sekiro, yakuza costumes and more
– Challenge yourself with difficult battles
– 20 free fashion clothing sets available for collection
– Medieval Japanese material.

How to play :

– Tap the screen to move your character.
– The character will automatically attack enemies
– Master samurai can help you develop your skills and abilities.
– You can upgrade your hero, improve his skills and store items in inventory.
– Collect and upgrade various equipment, ninja costume, samurai armor, Japanese katana.


infinite diamond (In the game mode version, buy enough from Diamond Store [If you can not – log out and re-enter])


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