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PC Creator PRO v2.2.1 Mod APK

PC Creator Pro is an improved version of the game ”PC Creator”. Here you can try yourself in the role of a PC collector, and at the same time the owner of a mining farm and a computer store. game, you have to fulfill the customer orders of your service center. You provide almost all the services that concern the computer: building a PC from scratch, installing SOFTWARE or a game, changing components and much more.

Unlike the free version, there is no advertising in the Pro version.

Friendly user interface
Our designers went out of their way to produce the perfect version of the interface:
* convenient location of controls;
* beautiful element animations;
*the element’s icon displays all of its functions;
* Possibility to choose light or dark mode

All of this has been done for comfortable control of the game. So download and see for yourself that you won’t find the best design.

Build your PC from scratch
PC Creator Pro gives you the unique ability to create a PC from the selection of components, and ending with the installation and testing of various software and games. So, assemble the PC in 3D mode, install the operating system, drivers, games and software – in your hands. And also you can try to assemble the PC in AR mode.

Wide choice of components
While there are a lot of PC parts in the usual “PC Creator”, there are just an immeasurable number here. Many times more new details are already waiting for you. Imagine how you are going to speed them up to the limit and enjoy the game!

how to equip your service center
In the course of the game, you have to perform the tasks of the customers of your service center. For the completed tasks, you will receive experience and money. So with each new task, you will get closer to purchasing new equipment, premises and improving your service center as a whole.

Learn how to improve your personal computer
Based on the fact that “PC Creator Pro” is made as realistic as possible, this is a good opportunity to learn how to eliminate errors, to improve your PC. You will learn how to correctly choose new, more powerful, and most importantly – the correct components. Besides, our game will teach you how to repair PC, clean it from viruses and much more.

Ability to install popular operating systems
Linux, MacOs, Windows ie all popular modern operating systems can be installed in our game. We have tried and found the installation process to be very realistic. So don’t waste time and train with us now, so that in real life there are no problems with it.

Program simulation
The game has a built-in PC work simulator, with which the following functions are available:
* Installation of the operating system
*Installation and simulation of programs, games
* You are probably thinking that you cannot do everything in one app on your Smartphone. But our game will prove otherwise and change your opinion.

Player Ranking
The ranking of players in our game is based on three criteria:
* by reputation
• by number of completed tasks
• on the winnings in the wheel of fortune
Download the game and show everyone what you can do!

To ask for advice or share it with other players, you can in the general game chat, where communication between our players is constantly present. “PC Creator Pro” also gives you the opportunity to enter contests and win valuable prizes.

Free purchases for real money.

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