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POWER SPIDER – Ultimate Superhero Game v3.3 (Mod) Apk

Spider swing experience

Play the best open world action superhero game as a fun superhero! Fight crime like a real super hero! Race down a dark street or city park and beat multiple gangs like a real ninja battle spider. Dude, games like these need some super ninja kung fu skills.

Be the best superhero ever

This superhero action game parody takes place in the big city filled with criminal gangsters and mafia bosses. Become spider 2 ninja so that you can stop dangerous crime lords who are attacking city with your amazing superhero spider gadgets to defeat all mafias and avoid being dead. Police and armed forces cannot fight gangster mafia bosses so they need the help of a wonderful and mysterious spider fighting ninja. Villain games put civilians in danger and they need someone to fight all the thugs on the street. In one of the best spider hero fighting games, choose to be an ultimate superhero to save the city!

Fight like a real super spider

This spider style iron hero game is created as open world for offline play just like many comic based superhero action games, use weapons like sword and perform different Amazing melee attacks with criminal gangs. You can combine avenger attacks to become the greatest deft ninja spider in superhero games.

Become a fearless superhero

Fight like a super man against the city’s criminal gangs who have made the streets dangerous day and night. Stop the activity of crime lords and use all the weapons you need. Wear superhero mask and armor with deadly weapons and superpowers to take part in city brawls by fighting criminals!

Get the best gaming features

Have fun with deadly gangster brawls against spider superheroes. Use unique super heroes super power in epic fantasy battle on vicious city streets. Against enemies with melee attacks to learn new skills through this new superhero game.

Become a real hero and defeat crime like a boss

In superhero games like these, be the best superhero to save the city and become a real kung fu crime fighter!

A new superhero game not to be missed!

Fight like the iron ninja spider man! just like doing legendary spider attacks on your enemies. Super jump tall buildings like other super heroes which are amazing! Use super powers in the game with easy controls in these super spider style ninja games.


Power Spider 1 is a PARODY of Spiderman games. It pokes fun at everything about superheroes and other mobile / console games that involve them. If any characters or assets in Power Spider 1 sound familiar to you, they are edited to be ridiculed. Each story of these characters leaves a humorous comedy depending on their origin. The purpose of Power Spider is to emulate and make fun of the superheroes and villains we all know and love.


– Open world
– Detailed graphics
– Web balancing mechanics
– Canvases attach to buildings


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