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Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie v14.6.01 Mod Apk

In 2033, the world saw the emergence of an unknown infection which claimed many lives among the human population.

Prey Day is one of the best online, multiplayer, top-down shooter games set in a huge city in an apocalyptic world of zombies. An unknown virus has decimated much of the population, leaving only a handful of survivors on earth. Most of the inhabitants have either become zombies or mutated under the influence of the virus. Navigating the labyrinth of empty streets, survivors bolster camps to resist the zombie hordes, and venture outside to uncover the cause of the epidemic that has left the world in a state of survival.

You are one of the few survivors whose fate is directly linked to these events. After the apocalypse, you will have to face hunger and thirst, search for other survivor camps, and spend your dark days making your own shelter from collected materials. By completing quests, you will be able to investigate the causes of the infection that triggered the apocalypse. Explore the darkest corners of the city to craft unique armor and weapons. Build vehicles that will give you access to secret areas.

Face off against other survivors, eager for the loot you are carrying. Unite with others in the streets of Harbortown to fight zombies and other survivors who hide and hunt for easy prey. Gather your friends and go together to the most dangerous parts of the city.


The World of Prey Day is an open-world shooter set in a vast city destroyed by a wave of epidemics. You have to survive with other humans in co-op – real players. You can communicate with any players you meet, join them in a party, or fight against them to steal their loot. There are no rules in open world games!


Unite with other players in powerful clans, which will grant you access to clan bases where you can discover rare items and unlock new ships that can aid you in the war against the living dead . With your clan, you can take over abandoned military bunkers, establish a clan base, and launch real military action in the streets


You can craft new weapons and equipment from various items collected during your adventure. Trigger new builds that can help protect you from other players. Crafting skills allow you to build your own shelter and protect it with traps!


What brought about this apocalyptic world? In this zombie game, you will have to complete quests, shoot as many zombies as possible and explore Harbortown. The best shooters in an apocalypse world have rich, mysterious stories, and Prey Day is no different. Immerse yourself in a host of adventures, getting off the city’s subway, traveling to the mountains and national parks on the edge of the city, and venturing into wasteland, all the while making your way to through hordes of living dead


Prey Day is one of the best online zombie survival games, filled with players who may have different survival goals and methods: run, shoot, defend, team up, target and fight real players fighting for survival. just like you, the goal is to become an expert survivor and stay alive. Shooting games test your skills, speed and reaction time, and when you fight for your survival, experience a free world where you do all you can to not die


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