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Project: GAIA APK 7.0 (Official) for Android

Nowadays, when FPS games are mentioned in this market, they are basically thinking of several chicken eating games the first time. This kind of fair competition game is very suitable for today’s fast food market, but it is aesthetically tiring to change soups frequently without changing medication. This was exactly the time I saw “Project: GAIA”. At first, I thought it was a chicken, but it didn’t seem like it was what I thought.

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It so happened that the game started to test, let me talk about my feelings. First of all let’s talk about the gameplay. There are currently two modes: campaign mode and collaborative mode. The campaign is a single player mode. You can choose map and difficulty, but there is no finished product yet; Co-op mode can choose to challenge single player, create room, quick match, or join room selection. At the moment, the predominant FPS is mainly based on PVP, but this action is slash, and the gameplay is PVE mode where 4 people

collaborate to fight zombies.

There will be a movie scene before the game starts, but to be honest, this animation is really down and looking pretty cheap. The character, action and scene details are very good. After all, with the blessing of the Unreal Engine 4, the muzzle will have the effect of smoke and high temperature redness after continuous shooting, which is very good. But by contrast, the monster is a bit broken, with weird moves, very few types, high repetitions, and a little fatigue after playing for so long.

In my opinion, this game is just a bucket of instant noodles. After all, it is only at the EA stage. The packaging is slightly different from the actual product, or the creator’s vision is far from the actual content of the game. The game has not made the user interface yet. It looks very primitive. The only thing that’s comfortable are some of the in-game animations and scene details. Other than that, all the negative reactions, such as tire locks, freezing, stuttering, etc., there are countless, and the process is smelly and long, delayed by force, and the actual experience is not much.

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