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Raidfield 2 – Online WW2 Shooter v9.210 (Mod Apk)

Hey, soldier! Are you ready to take your place in Raidfield 2 ?! This game will take you to WWII

Raidfield 2 has the following characteristics:

– You can play with your friends.
– You can control tanks, planes and turret vehicles.
– customizable soldier
– Daily goals
– 16 weapons and +40 skins
– 8 heroes from different battlefields
– Legendary battles of WWII
– 4 types of combat vehicles from different countries: USA, Russia, Japan and Germany!
– In Conquest mode, you must continue with your unit to win the battle and capture all three regions on the battlefield.
– With the war supply points that you will earn on the battlefield, you will be able to use the destructive war vehicles on the battlefield.
– World war style battlefields
– With tanks and bombers you can destroy all the houses on the map.
– You can develop your soldiers, tanks and planes with war supply scores and you can be the wanted soldier of the battlefield.
– Incredible experience of WWII

He will reward you with successes on the battlefield, scaring your opponents.
This prices;

– 42 achievements
– 30 ranks (from private to general)
– Character level up to 150 ’
– You will earn extra points when your achievements are completed.

Your troops are waiting for you!


Follow Raidfield 2 from other media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raidfield2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raidfield2/
Mail: support@raidfield.com

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