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Shadow Fight 3 v1.29.0 (Mod) Apk

Legend has it that a hero will stand in the way of shadow energy. He will have to learn three fighting styles, bring together the best weapons and challenge the most formidable warriors.

An epic war threatens to befall the world. The overpowering force that once arose from the Shadow Portals has morphed into a weapon … and now three clans are fighting a merciless battle to decide the future of this force.

The warriors of the Legion want to destroy this dangerous energy. The people of the Dynasty wish to tame it in order to benefit from it. As for the mysterious ninjas of the Heralds clan, they are fiercely determined to explore the dark secrets of shadow power.

Three clans, three world views and three fighting styles. Which one will you choose?

Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG fighting game that continues the story shaping the universe of Shadow Fight, with new 3D characters. Prepare for action, explosive combat with formidable warriors, and a captivating adventure across a world beset by mystical forces.


Ninja, knight or samurai? Only you can choose the hero you want to be. Earn exceptional skins in battles and customize the color of your gear to create a unique look.


Master the fighting styles of each of the three clans to create your own technique. Your hero can fight like a cunning ninja or a devastating knight. Harness shadow energy to deliver impressive blows that will change the tide of battle.


Warriors around the world await the arrival of a hero who will end the raging struggle to control the power of the shadows. Influence the plot by choosing your clan. Defeat fearsome bosses to challenge your worst enemy, then explore other worlds and travel through time to learn more about the storyline.


Even when the main story battle is over, the action continues. Win duels against the heroes of other players, controlled by the A.I. Cross swords with the most seasoned warriors to climb into the TOP 100 and become a legend in your region!


Collect your personal arsenal of weapons and armor to experiment in duels and distinguish yourself with a killer look. Once you own a full set, you will have access to unique abilities that will make victory easier.


Compete in themed events organized regularly, during which you can earn rare armor, weapons, colourways and skins. In these battles, you will face new heroes and learn a lot about the world of Shadow Fight.

Picturesque landscapes and lifelike animations are second to none of the best console games.

Follow us on social media to learn the tips and secrets of the game from other players! Share your adventures, get updates, and compete for great prizes!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shadowfightgames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShadowFight_3
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShadowFightGames


Mod !
1. Damage multiplier (Shared. Sorry, can’t fix at the moment)
2. Dumb enemy (Enemy do nothing)


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