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Shadow Fight Arena v1.3.20 (Mod) Apk



⚔️ Face off against other players in a free online 3D fighting game. Take part in 2 player PVP battles or brawls to have fun with friends. FIGHT NOW! ⚔️

★★★ Best Mobile Game of 2020 (DevGAMM Awards) ★★★
★★★ Shadow Fight games have been downloaded over 500 million times ★★★

Cool 3D graphics

High level 3D graphics and realistic animations combine to give you the best epic fighting action.

Easy controls

Control your hero like in best classic fighting games and get console level fighting experience on your mobile device.

Fun multiplayer battles

– Form a team of 3 heroes and fight in online multiplayer mode. You get a victory in a fight, only if you can defeat all the opponent’s heroes in an epic battle. Or fight offline against advanced machine learning bots!

Epic heroes

– Form a team of the best warriors, samurai and ninjas. Collect and Upgrade All Heroes – Each has unique abilities that you can tweak and adjust to your fighting style.

Hero talents

– Level up and unlock awesome ninja skills. Pick the best talents that match your playstyle, switch them up, and experiment to increase your battle win rate. Decide which style is the most fun!

Battle pass

– A new season starts every month – get free chests and coins to win! A subscription gives you access to premium cosmetic items and allows you to collect free bonus cards without ads.

Brawl with friends

– Find out who is the best player in Shadow Fight: challenge a friend in a PvP duel. Send an invite or join a friend who is already playing – you can practice seriously or just fight!

Cosmetic items and customizations

– Cool hero skins – win in style
– Emotes and taunts – send them to your opponent during a fight to show your superiority or thank them for a good game
– Epic postures and ninja moves – celebrate your victory with cool 3D action animations

Become the best fighter

– Arena is easy to learn, but to become a true master in multiplayer mode, you will need to watch tutorial videos, practice with friends, and be part of our active community.

Online PvP Tournaments

– Compete in tournaments for rewards and cool new experiences. The first place will get you fantastic prizes, but some losses, and you are out. Take part in another tournament to fight for victory again!


– Chat with other players on Discord, in our Facebook group or on Reddit. Be the first to receive all the latest news and learn the secrets of other players. Invite your friends and have fun!

+ “If you like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, and other action games, you will definitely love SF Arena.”

+ “I wanted to play a PvP fighting game on mobile since the release of Shadow Fight 2. Arena has made this dream come true.”

+ “This is an action game for everyone. If you feel up to it, you can fight to get a grade, and when you need a break, you can play it off. line and fight for fun … ”

+ “This game makes me feel like an epic ninja straight from Naruto. And also it’s free!”

IMPORTANT: You will need a stable internet connection to play PvP online. To make sure SF Arena works best on mobile, use Wi-Fi

Download the new SF Arena 3D fighting game for free and fight with friends on mobile!



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