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Steel And Flesh 2: New Lands v1.2 (Mod Apk Money)

Steel And Flesh 2: New Lands is a mix of medieval 3D action and strategy. You have the opportunity to visit the Middle Ages in 1212, when the Mongol Empire was strengthened in Asia and the Crusades were in full swing in the Middle East. You have at your disposal a huge map of the world on which are 20 major states. You have the right to swear allegiance to any state and become its king or create your own, thus capturing more and more territory. In addition, you still have the opportunity to fight with bandits and earn money from selling trophies. Buying land and starting a business will ensure you have a comfortable life. In addition to traveling on a world map, you can always take part in battle with your army personally, whether it is a battle in an open field or the siege of a city, castle, port or city. ‘a village.

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1.2) Заменены все войска кроме элитного в Европе, Руси, Норвегии и Делийском Султанате. Все римские войска и обмундирование заменены на византийские. Добавлен новый солдат в ветке. Добавлены новые бандиты, такие как Европейские бандиты,
Северные бандиты и Пустынные бандиты. Бандиты разделены на сферы обитания, некоторые из них встречаются только в определенных областяе Добавлено 142 костюма, 120 шлемов и 55 пар обуви. Исправлены баги.


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