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Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War Twisted Battle v0.170 (Mod Apk)

Tired of basic tanks and giant robots? Download the online vehicle battle game ☠️Steel Rage🤖 today! Compete against players from all over the world in this new FREE PvP shooter with robot cars. Choose your vehicle’s chassis, weapon and capabilities and jump into action. Upgrade your robot and customize it according to your taste and fighting style. Become the champion of this PvP shooter!

🛠️Complete customization
Equip your vehicle with the body, chassis, weapons and abilities to suit your fighting style. Add color and camouflage effect to terrify your enemies. Design a racing car, armored tank, or even a biped. You choose !

🚓Many bodywork
Over 13 bodies with unique stats and appearances, ranging from sedans and mini cars to racing cars, sports cars, utility vehicles and vans.

💣A large selection of weapons
Equip your vehicle with light, medium, and heavy weapons, including machine guns, tank armor piercing projectiles, and missiles. Choose the equipment that matches your combat tactics!

🏎 Chassis for all styles of action
Select different chassis for each vehicle. Use sports car suspension to improve speed, SUV suspension or even six-wheel chassis for off-roading, tank tracks or robotic limbs to improve handling.

🔮Strategic capacities
Equip your mechanical monster with unique abilities. Deploy an energy shield for better defense, use nitro boosters for your tactical maneuvers or become invisible. These abilities can change the tide of a battle!

🛠A multitude of tactical options
Build up to three different weapons and use them all at the same time or individually. Protect yourself with an energy shield or crush your enemies like a tank with your ammo. Launch missiles from a distance and use invisibility or nitro boosters to quickly bypass your opponents.

🌎Giant arenas
Discover vast areas for exploration and tactical maneuvering, from the countryside to the city. Explore stunning sites and use terrain and buildings to gain strategic advantage. Don’t give your enemies a chance!

Large-scale war
Up to 30 war machines per game. Dynamic 6v6 battles. Each part is unique!

📡Online PvP Shooter
Face off against champions from all over the world! Become the best fighter with the most stylish vehicle!

💻 Stunning 3D graphics
Detailed vehicles and arenas. A fantastic action game with epic explosions! Enjoy stunning graphics as you dominate the world and your enemies!

⚙️Freedom to experiment
Experiment with different options until you find the ones that work for you. Fight against other players all over the world! The game has no energy or restrictions!

🕹 Simple controls
Intuitive controls that can be configured and a convenient interface that will get you into battle!

📱 Adaptable graphics
Want to play on a device with modest performance? Choose the most suitable graphics settings!

🚜🔥⚔ Online Robot Vehicle PvP Shooter!
Choose a robot that suits your style, customize it, and take on enemies without restriction! Regular updates and new content await in the best action game of 2020!

Don’t know which action game to choose? Meet the PvP shooter ☠️Steel Rage🤖. Download it for free!

👨🏽👳🏽🎅🏽Do you have questions or want to find friends and allies?
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames
Support: support@gdcgames.ru

You can shoot even if you don’t have enough ammo;
You can get free items without viewing ads (for example, double rewards after the end of the battle).

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