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Super Heroes TD – Fantasy Tower Defense v1.0.1 (Mod Apk)

The Demon King used the Dark Curse to open the Dark Door, allowing monsters to invade the Bright Continent, and the brave men of the Human Alliance spontaneously formed a resistance front to resist these evil creatures.
Players can use gold coins to summon heroes of different classes to defend against invading monsters. Slain monsters will drop gold coins, equipment, and runes. Use them sensibly to make your hero stronger, otherwise the shining continent behind you will be endless in Darkness.

Game features

– Idle, easy and fun
No need for tedious operations, just a simple synthesis to upgrade your hero and experience the fun of super cool tower defense.
Once you are offline you can still get rich income!

– Four major trades, unlimited upgrades
Mage, warrior, crossbowman, priest, waiting for your call at any time.
Heroes improve and evolve, unlock stronger and cooler skills!

– Magic weapon to defeat the boss
Defeating the boss has a chance to get Epic Gear and Legendary Runes, which can dramatically increase your combat effectiveness while wearing them, helping you win easily!

Come form the most powerful group of heroes and fight the devil together!



1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlocked Skills
3. Unlocked Runes


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