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ZOMBIE SURVIVAL v1.15.1 (Mod Apk)

Zombie Hunter – Free Shooting Offline Games is designed to build shelter features from the creator of various addictive electronic zombie games like ★ Dead Target, Sniper Zombie, Dead Warfare or Mad Zombies ★. The new feature makes offline zombie shooting games more amazing than ever! Take your sniper or pistol to attack zombies on the highway or anywhere in the virus-stricken city, then survive until the end!

A deadly zombie infection erupted in 2080 and a post-apocalyptic world has started ever since. Human life was not the same as before. Human become the target of unskilled and wild zombies. They spread the deadly virus to any target they meet and unleash the zombie pandemic. Shooting zombies at the dead was all they needed to do if they wanted to live amidst death in broad daylight.

Join the campaigns, aim and shoot to prove that you are the best shooter in this cyber zombie offline game. Unleash your inner hero, attack unskilled zombies, and become the deadly king in this super fun zombie game.

Amazing photography graphics

Suppose you want to try a shooting game with amazing graphics with every detail. In this case, Zombie Hunter – Free Shooting Offline Games is the right choice. With stunning visuals using the latest Android technology, the shooting effects are realistic and amazing in different maps or attacks. Lift your phone and fight the zombies now!

Wide range of zombies to discover

The world surrounds the living dead, and there is no place to hide. The zombie virus is brutal and dangerous, even in broad daylight. Unsaken death is not only created with deadly skills, but it also varies in many forms and actions! Where they can crawl on the ceiling or floor in Zombie Hunter. They can come to you at any time. So, take your rifle or any weapon and shoot them be well prepared because nobody knows life after post apocalypse look.

An exciting offline shooting game

Most of the zombie games require a wifi or internet connection to play, and you want to find an offline game that can be played anytime. Then Zombie Hunter – Free Offline Games is at your service! That makes this hunter game a great time killing game for your phone or tablet. Connect to wifi to download actual contents and play for latest battery percentages! Save more data and play without wifi!

A variety of guns are at your service

Zombie Hunter has got a variety of weapons systems like sniper rifle, electronic rifle, pistol grip, bow, machine gun, and more. Grab pistols, keep your finger on the trigger, and shoot to protect your life in this addicting offline game. Killing is no more difficult in best offline game. This zombie game gives you an electronic environment to use different shooting techniques in an open world of zombies! Kill zombies with 1 trigger and stay alive! Show your friends who is the real shooter and sniper!

Build and upgrade a shelter

Survivors also need to build their shelters to ensure they can survive difficult times of world war. The shelter is the place that can provide you with essential items to join campaigns and fight uprising attacks! Death is coming to humans regardless of day or night, and no one can guarantee your life. Only you can decide who you live with, because mercy means death! Keep your life in your hands until the last day!

Download Zombie Hunter, play for free, and offline now! Get ready for the end of the world and save your life after the global daylight war of zombie virus!


– Unlimited Gold;
– Unlimited Cash;
– Unlimited Gems;
– Unlimited Aidkit
– Unlimited Grenade
– Unlimited bullets
– God mode

MOD v2:

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