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Android Proxy Server v7.6 (Mod) APK

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Run your own proxy server on your Android device. Share your Android device’s network connection with your family, friends or other devices.

Android Proxy Server handles the following protocols:
http / https
socks 5
TCP relay function (Orbot application connection can be shared, and it can also be used as a TCP protocol relay)
Authentication is enabled for each of the HTTP / HTTPS / Socks / Shadowsocks proxies. Make proxies more secure.

No root permissions necessary.

Use your Android network connection from another device connected to the hotspot or in the local area network. This is useful if you have a VPN connection on your Android device that you want to share. You can provide proxy services for Telegram or any other software in other devices

This is also useful for routing your traffic through your Android device. You may find more useful!

It can also be combined with a network packet capture application to achieve interception and capture of network requests and responses from other devices

Android Proxy Server is assisted by installing plug-ins, which completely solves the problem that the open proxy service cannot be accessed on the phone after the VPN service is turned on on some mobile phones, and the VPN cannot be shared.

If you are using VPN Share Tunnel plugin then you have to bypass proxy for Android Proxy Server app in vpn app you are using. Don’t do that with the VPN Share Tunnel plugin

As for how to set up proxy on mobile phones or other computers, you can search for “configure proxy settings on browser (or Android/iOS/Mac/Windows)” in your favorite search engine

The proxy will be associated with the assigned IP address of your Android device.. You can also bind the proxy server to “” (recommended) through settings, doing this will expose the proxy on all currently assigned IP addresses.

Dark mode is supported.

Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/WLYe77eNXG03OGFl

This is a professional software, users need to understand network and proxy knowledge

This is a proxy server that can run on Android, not a client to connect to a remote proxy server

If this application does not meet your expectations, please forgive the developer, sorry for causing you trouble

If you are satisfied with it, please give us a good comment or give feedback for improvement;

Android Proxy Server is a professional program. If you have any confusion during use, you can contact the developer via email (xushoppg@gmail.com) or Telegram, and we will do our best to help you.

Advertising will not affect the use of the product, developers have more resources to maintain and update the product, please don’t mind!

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