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Birthday Calendar & Reminder v2.1.1 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked


Birthday Calendar & Reminder Get your birthday calendar now for free:
🚀 All birthday reminders (birthday alarm clock)
✅Import phone contacts
🎉Exquisite greeting card
💡 Place all your gift ideas

Be the one who remembers all birthdays! Import friends and colleagues from your phone contacts, or create them easily with this birthday calendar. Congratulate SUPER FAST by WhatsApp Telegram or send a beautiful greeting card to be notified on their birthday.

You know that awkward feeling of forgetting someone’s birthday? 😣 Woke up to realize yesterday was your grandma’s big day? 😱 If you download Birthday now, you will never have this happen to you again🍀

★ birthday reminder
You will be reminded with birthday alarm clock at the right moment for all your special days. You can decide if you want to be notified when you get home in the morning or in the evening. Receive notifications on the same day, or days in advance if desired.

★ Today is Taylor’s birthday. He is 33 years old.
Birthday tells you how old your birthday is and what your gift ideas are. With just one tap, you can wish a happy birthday directly from WhatsApp, or call the birthday child on the phone.

★ Create your birthday calendar in seconds
Adding birthdays or anniversaries is quick and easy. Import from your phone contacts Excel* or add friends and colleagues directly to the app. Build your personal birthday list.

★ Say happy birthday with greeting cards
Be special and impress your friends! Write your birthday wishes on one of the beautifully designed greeting cards and send them in seconds. Via WhatsApp. Birthday is the only app among all birthday apps that provides you greeting cards.

★ Write down gift ideas
Ed Sheeran Tickets for your friends? A blanket with your girlfriend’s name on it? Whenever you think of a gift idea, write it down. Never forget a good idea.

★ Why use extra apps?
It’s easy to forget birthdays in your normal calendar app due to the many other appointments and entries. Birthday lists all events in an optimized manner and sends you birthday alerts on your friend’s big day. You can easily see what events are coming up next, and you’ll never forget someone again. Tired of always writing the same desire? Spice it up and send awesome greeting cards to your dear ones.
Add a personal gift idea or other note for your friend. Collect gift ideas year-round with advance reminders and easy access. Did we mention the beautiful design of your future birthday calendar? 😏

★ Gadgets
With a handy widget on your home screen, you can see all your special days. Got a great gift idea? Tap the widget and you can capture inspiration or wish a happy birthday right in the app. Always know when your next friend’s special day will come.

★ Built-in age calculator
You don’t know your friend’s birthday? No problem friends 🌵 Just enter their age and the magic calculation will do it for you. Most birthday apps make it difficult to calculate your age – but not this one!

★ Privacy is our top priority
🔒 Read and write contacts: You need to import contacts according to your requirements.
🔒External Storage: Backup apps on your phone.
🔒 Automatically start when the phone is turned on: Start the birthday alarm clock after the phone is turned on.

Your data is super safe. All events are stored only on your phone.
(*) Some features require Birthdays Premium

★ good news
We’re constantly improving our reminders, check “Missed Reminders” in the menu for help if something goes wrong, or email support@birthdays-app.com. We know some birthday apps have a hard time reminding you of birthdays, check out Birthdays, our most reliable birthday calendar with birthday alarm clock.

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