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ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus v8.0.39.0 (Premium)

◉ Subscribed Unlocked Mod

ESET Mobile Security MOD APK is a powerful and fast anti-virus and anti-malware application that provides protection for your Android tablet or smartphone.

Join millions of users around the world and take advantage of PREMIUM features, including an intuitive interface and proactive Anti Phishing and Anti-Theft functions.

After downloading, you will automatically benefit from a 30-day FREE trial of PREMIUM features. This will help you discover what an optimal Android experience is.

Take advantage of safer technology and forget about the risks of ransomware, adware, phishing attacks, and more. when checking email, downloading files or browsing the internet.


– Easily configure the application using the step by step wizard.
* Do you suspect suspicious activity? Run a scan for malware.
– Not sure about the security of the website you are visiting? Anti-Phishing is here to protect you.
* What is my level of protection? View the detailed safety report.


– With a single subscription, use the app on 5 devices connected to the same Google Account.
– Use any device to access the my.eset.com web interface and get its location, take photos using both cameras, display a message and erase all sensitive data remotely.

* Have you lost your phone and its battery is dead? The Proactive Anti-Theft feature sends the last location of the device when its battery is low. It may help to find him.

*Have you just installed an app and are not sure of its permissions? Check them now with the security audit.
* Do you want to run regular scans on your device? Choose one of several scenarios and scan your device when you plug in the charger or schedule the scan on a day and time of your choice.


This app uses the Device Administrator Permission option to:
*  Allow you to remotely erase your device data in the event of loss or theft.

This app uses Accessibility Services for Users with Disabilities to:
*  anonymous protection against phishing websites

For more information on permissions requested by ESET Mobile Security, visit: http://kb.eset.com/android


Find out about the latest versions of ESET Mobile Security and help us design our future Android apps by clicking this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.eset.ems2.gp

Once ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus is installed, you will become a member of our community, which will allow you to give us your feedback. For any suggestion or question, email us at play@eset.com.


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