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My Daily Planner: To Do List, Calendar, Organizer v1.5.2.5 (Pro) SAP APK


– Daily planner
– Calendar
– Task planner
– Reminders
– To do list


– planning day
– creating of a list of tasks during the day
– creation of sub-tasks
– creation
– create reminders
– automatic progress calculation
– grouping of tasks with folders
– automatically move tasks to tomorrow
– work without internet


The My Daily Planner app allows you to create a daily to-do list.

Stop wasting time on daily paper planners, start using electronics. The app has a handy daily feed and calendar. You can:
– inCase u want to edit tasks
– or move tasks
– to paint different colors
– to add tasks with the voice


Split tasks into subtasks with the My Daily Planner app

Often a person has a mess in his head and he doesn’t know where to start the task. By dividing the task into subtasks, you remove confusion and can easily complete the task. In the application, the list of subtasks can be displayed as a tree structure, or you can open the task and view its subtasks.


Group your to-do lists with folders

Do you have a lot of tasks in different areas? Will create folders for better view


View and create task list and day to do list with calendar

With the calendar, you can view the number of tasks per day, add new tasks and edit the created tasks.
The calendar has 2 mods: week mode and month mode


My Daily Planner app allows you to create unlimited reminders

For any task, you can add an unlimited number of reminders. Do you want to receive a reminder 2 days before starting a task? Will create it!


To plan your day with the My Daily Planner app

You can create to-do lists and add reminders so you don’t skip important tasks


Organize your time with the My Daily Planner app

For the best organization of their time, you can perform the following actions:
1. Create a task list
2. Add reminders
3. Cross off tasks as they are completed.


Create recurring tasks and you will optimize your time with the My Daily Planner organizer

Do you want to go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday? Create a recurring task!

Tasks and projects

Create tasks and projects with My Daily Planner

Create a task list and a project list and divide it into a list of sub-tasks. Next, you’ll create a detailed description of the task or project.


Divide the elephant into parts

It is difficult for our brains to work with large tasks. Divide large tasks into subtasks so that you make your brain work easier on your own.

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