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Ninjagram v10.10.1 (Mod)

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Ninjagram Mod APK

Ninjagram is a social media automation tool designed for Instagram that allows users to automate their Instagram activity, including content creation, scheduling, and engagement. The tool is designed to help businesses and individuals grow their Instagram following and increase engagement.

Features of Ninjagram

  1. Automated Posting and Scheduling

Ninjagram allows users to schedule their Instagram posts in advance, allowing them to plan and manage their content efficiently. The tool also offers an auto-posting feature, which automatically posts the scheduled content at the desired time.

  1. Hashtag and Location Targeting

Ninjagram allows users to target specific hashtags and locations to reach their target audience. This feature helps users to engage with the right audience, increase their reach, and gain new followers.

  1. Follow and Unfollow Automation

Ninjagram allows users to automate their follow and unfollow activity on Instagram, allowing them to increase their followers and engagement. Users can set up their target audience and let the tool automate the process of following and unfollowing users.

  1. Auto DMs and Comments

Ninjagram allows users to automate their direct messages and comments, enabling them to engage with their audience more effectively. Users can set up automated messages and comments, which can be customized to match their brand and tone.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

Ninjagram offers detailed analytics and reporting features, allowing users to track their performance and engagement. The tool provides insights on follower growth, engagement rate, and post performance, enabling users to adjust their strategy accordingly.

  1. Safe and Secure

Ninjagram is a safe and secure tool that follows Instagram’s terms of service. The tool uses advanced security measures to ensure that user data and information are safe and protected.


Ninjagram is a powerful social media automation tool that offers a range of features to help users grow their Instagram following and increase engagement. With its automated posting and scheduling, hashtag and location targeting, follow and unfollow automation, auto DMs and comments, and analytics and reporting features, the tool provides a comprehensive solution for Instagram automation. The tool is safe and secure and follows Instagram’s terms of service, making it a reliable option for businesses and individuals looking to grow their Instagram presence. Overall, Ninjagram is an excellent tool for anyone looking to streamline their Instagram activity and take their social media strategy to the next level.

Some Special features:

✅ Anti-filter and proxy system
✅ Transfer a member from one group to another
✅ Online TV and Satellite (Global, Provincial, Satellite)
✅ Ability to display deleted messages
✅ Ability to display edited messages
✅ Autoresponder
✅ Hide phone number
✅ Login with robot tokens
✅ Chat translator
✅ Ability to select messages between two selected messages
✅ Go to the desired date in the conversation
✅ Beautifuller type (Persian and English)
✅ Sticker Finder
✅ Ability to change fonts
✅ Has a state of mind
✅ Categorize conversations
✅ Ability to change the voice
✅ Conversation statistics
✅ Contacts changes
✅ and other features


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