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OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app v0.84.0 (Pro Unlocked)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

A simple and effective tool for car management and monitoring. Obdeleven lets you diagnose, read, clear, and share your fault codes via many ways. It gets easily connected through bluetooth and other cloud storage features. Making it simple to use and understanding with tutorials and other methods. It lets users activate, deactivate, and do a lot with functions of your vehicles. Manage program and monitor coding, various functions and features to adjust and activate. Get to know every fault and identify problems related to everything with your vehicle. It’s a professional and actual diagnosis system, not for simple interaction.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK

More than 1000 application integrated

it is really known and praised for its iconic functions like management of tools and features within the app. You can simply control the direction and reset services, inspection lights, washer plate levels, brake pads replacement, trouble code, active features and functions, etc. Workshops, retro fits, and other modes of integration are available for users.

Active and deactivate functions

while for new users, it makes things excessively simple by activation and deactivation of different features and functions. Standard operations and maintenance, diagnosis, identify and remove fault codes, security access, control unit reset, gateway autocode, coding and long coding, etc. There are many advanced level functions for users to choose and enjoy with their loved ones.

Full scan and management of car

basic setting and advanced level feature management is a different thing. The app is just amazing in many terms letting the users have a full scan of their car and system. With simplistic clicks, you get to enjoy the top notch car management. Full scan to identify fault codes and troubles, problems and everything related to the system. It will make it great and easily accessible through many methods of indulging users in the learning and making things simple.

Supporting many brands and automate features

this is one of its own classy and admirable features that gets it a lot of users. Which is that the app supports many famous brands and models of cars with complete diagnosis and treatment. So usually most of the stuff is shorted out at the fingertips. It has artificial intelligence to make most of the codes and stuff automatic that will do it without any external support.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK

Identify fault codes and clear

obdeleven is an important and needed tool which should be there in everyone’s smartphone. With easy connectivity to the car system and your android smartphones. Through cloud storage and simple integration, users will get to enjoy the best of management without any external help. Your system will automatically find the fault codes or trouble codes, remove and clear them with ease or let you know the procedure.

Add functions and tools

users can also game advantage of its new features with latest updates and upgrades within the app. You can also use additional accessories and features from third parties. Add or remove any function or feature that you wish to be helpful in your management of the car. Diagnosis will become easy with your own customized version of it by adding these tools as you like.

Get ultimate subscription for free

here we are providing our users with an unlocked subscription for free. You didn’t need to pay any amount to access this wonderful real time diagnosis and management app for your car. Get it now just for free without any need to spend money on this. Just an awesome piece of art and engineering at auto mode. Enjoy basic to advanced settings all at your fingertips for free.

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics app MOD APK


download obdeleven mod apk to enjoy having convenience at your fingertips. Like you don’t need to go ahead and find people to check your car everyday. There are a number of accessories and tools available in the software to allow users with ease that lets them simply monitor and diagnose everything like functions and features of your supercars. The app has all kinds of convenience and comfort without worrying of arranging further stuff. This is all you may need for easy car management and control.


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