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Oxygen Updater v6.2.0 (Unlocked)

◉ Ad-Free Unlocked

Oxygen Updater is an open-source app supported by ads & donations. Ads can be removed by purchasing the ad-free unlock in the app’s settings.
This is a third-party app not an official OnePlus application.

App’s purpose
OnePlus rolls out OTA updates in a staged manner meaning you might have to wait a long time before receiving an update. That’s where this app comes in — it downloads only official updates directly from OnePlus/Google servers and even verifies the integrity of the ZIP before allowing you to install. By doing so Oxygen Updater lets you skip the rollout queue and install official updates ASAP. It’s faster than OTA 99% of the time.

Well: from now on the wait is over!

With Oxygen Updater, you will be among the first users to update your Oxygen OS device to the latest and greatest software for free!

Oxygen Updater allows you to be the first to download new Oxygen OS System updates and install them directly * (2) to your device. No more waiting until you get the system update notification after a few weeks, just update whenever a new update is released.

When a new update becomes available, you will receive a notification. You can then open the app to download and install * (2) your new system update.

Additionally, this app provides a brief overview of your device’s specifications, including the current version of your Android and Oxygen operating system, amount of memory (RAM), date of security patch, and your device’s processor. . Additionally, important announcements regarding OnePlus and the app itself are posted in Oxygen Updater.

When you open Oxygen Updater for the first time, you will be asked to select your device and update method. These are usually set to the correct values, but you are free to change them to your liking.

There are several update methods:

– Incremental updates:

Incremental updates are update packages intended to update a specific version of OxygenOS to a newer version. These updates are poorly downloadable but will not work on devices rooted or unlocked by the bootloader. For most people, this is the recommended method of updating. If an incremental package is not available for your specific version of OxygenOS, the app automatically offers a full package instead.

– Full Updates:

Updates that also work on devices rooted and unlocked by the bootloader. However, these updates are very large to download (almost 2 GB these days). Only recommended if you have root access or a device unlocked by bootloader.

– Open Betas:

Do you want to discover software that is even newer than most of the other people around you? Then you can also switch to (and update) OxygenOS Open Betas using this app. * (3). Open Betas are both in full and incremental packages. These work the same way as explained for the regular versions above.

+ (1) This is an unofficial application. OnePlus and Oxygen OS are in no way associated with this application. They are not responsible for your actions, nor the developer of this app. Installing software updates may render your device inoperable if the installation instructions are not followed carefully. Please visit https://oneplus.net/nl/about-us for more information on OnePlus. For any questions, suggestions, or legal concerns, please email the developer’s email address as listed on the Google Play Store.

+ (2) Automatic update installation requires root access and TWRP recovery. If you do not have root access, you will be prompted with a guide on how to install the update yourself. Even if you have root access, you can still choose to view the installation guide and install the update yourself.

+ (3) Switching from the regular version of OxygenOS to the open beta requires the activation of advanced mode, a free feature reserved for advanced users. Returning from Open Beta to the regular version of OxygenOS may not be possible through Oxygen Updater but * will * erase all content on your phone. Consider this before you move on to betas!


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