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Simple Contacts Pro v6.22.6 (Paid)

A lightweight smart phone number contact app for managing your contacts loved by millions of people. The contacts can only be saved on your device through this Simple Contacts Pro phone book app and it can also be synced in different ways. With this smart phone number directory, you can keep your contacts in one place without having to backup your contacts because the contacts backup is always in sync with the contacts you add. This app lights up the space and is effective when you need to backup contacts and keep a phone book that will help you save contacts smartly.

You can also use it to manage user emails and events. It has the ability to sort/filter on multiple parameters, optionally display last name as first name. In this way you can retrieve the smart contact in a quick way. You don’t have to scroll down to find your desired contact. In addition, when you add a new contact, the contacts are automatically backed up to ensure contact integrity.

You can display your favorite people or groups in a separate list. Groups can be used to send batch emails or SMS, to save your time, you can easily rename them. You don’t have to keep a phone book now! Just create a smart contact group and send messages to your loved ones.

It includes useful buttons to call or text your relatives. All visible fields can be customized to your liking, you can easily hide the unused ones. The search function will find the given string in any visible person field, so that you can easily find the desired string.

There’s also a lightweight keypad at your service, with smart suggestions.

It supports exporting/importing contacts in vCard format to .vcf files, for easy migrations or backups of your data. Backup of contacts is a crucial thing in phone bookkeeping. This app provides a smart contacts backup technology that syncs the new and old contacts regularly to keep a backup of these numbers.

With this modern and stable phone number manager you can protect them by not sharing them with other apps so you can keep them private.

Just like the contact source, you can also easily change their name, email, phone number, address, organization, groups, and many other customizable fields. You can also use it for saving contact events such as birthdays, anniversaries or other custom ones.

This Simple Contacts Pro editor has many useful settings, such as displaying phone numbers on the main screen, visibility of contacts thumbnail view, showing only contacts with phone numbers, showing call confirmation dialog before making a call. It comes with a speed dial that also uses letters.

To further improve the user experience, you can customize what happens when you click on a contact. You can make a call, go to the View details screen, or edit the selected one.

It comes with a modern dark theme by default, based on material design.

You can easily block phone numbers to prevent unwanted incoming calls.

To prevent potentially unwanted contacts from showing up, it has a powerful built-in dual input fusion.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is completely open source and offers customizable colors.

Check out the full suite of Simple Tools here:

Simple Contacts Pro standalone website:

Remember that if you delete a paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically get your money back. If you want a refund later, just contact us at hello@simplemobiletools.com and you’ll get it. That makes it easy to try it out 🙂

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