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Telegraph X Pro v2.4.4 (Paid) APK

Telegraph X Pro is an editor that allows you to create articles with rich text and photo/video attachments. After publication, the article is available as a direct link that can be shared anywhere.

Telegraph X will be useful for owners of Telegram channels, bloggers and any user who likes to write articles, talk about travel, share their thoughts and experiences.

Authorization and synchronization
To authorize on telegraph, use official telegram bot https://telegram.me/telegraph after all your previously created articles and user data are synced.

All your articles in one place
On the home screen, all your articles are displayed in a nice list. You no longer have to deal with the inconvenient telegram-bot interface.

Create new articles
We make the process of creating new articles as simple as possible so that nothing distracts us from the most important thing. You can start creating an article and also continue filling it with telegra.ph

edit articles
Edit already published articles. You can update the page cover author text format and add media attachments like in the telegraph.

Automatically saved drafts and articles
In the telegra.ph application, now you can not be afraid to waste your time, as auto-saving will not allow this, and all unpublished articles will remain drafts that you can return to at any time.

Rich Text
Make your text bold, italic, numbered title citation link or regular list, etc. The app has a richer set of options for formatting WYSIWYG markup than the web version of telegra.ph.

Adding photo/youtube/vimeo attachments to text
Populating text with media attachments is an essential part of any good article-rich editor like telegra.ph.

Page view statistics
Each article shows the total number of views. You can also view view statistics for the specified month or the entire year.

Edit telegra.ph account
We made it possible to edit the account author name and link to your profile, as well as using a telegram, but in a more convenient interface.

The Telegraph allows you to publish articles completely anonymously – just do not specify the authorship and no one will ever know about you.

no ads
We believe that nothing should distract you from the creative process.

Enter the Telegram channel https://t.me/telegra_ph_x and you will find out about news, updates, changes and new features.

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