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TestMaker v8.5.2 (Pro)

◉ Pro Features Unlocked

This app is an app that can create a collection of questions by itself.

Since there are two kinds of problems in the form of a question description and a screening question, you can solve the question in the quiz feel.

Image pasted to the question wording, because there are a variety of options, such as automatic generation of the choice in the selection problem, you can customize the question as you like.

In addition, since there is also a text file, a collection of convert function issues, you can edit the issue on the PC or send a collection of issues to a friend.

● The main purpose of using
– Memorization of foreign languages ​​such as English words
– Archaic memorization
Responsible for memorization
Memorizing the story
• Preparation for periodic tests
– Preparation for high school tests
And preparation for high school tests
Center examination
– Memorize for the acquisition of the qualification
– Creation of your own memorization book

Sound effects 魔王 魂
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